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We are back with our annual PowerPoint Alternatives for 2018. Gain insight into the best tools of 2018, which you can use to better your presentation skills.
Tom Dally :: January 12, 2018
Presentations are a crucial part of business communication. In this article, we cover 5 presentation psychology hacks, to help improve your delivery.
Guest Author :: August 15, 2017
We have taken live-polling to the next level by introducing picture polls. To celebrate the release, the team decided to get creative and have some Friday fun.
Mike Piddock :: August 11, 2017
Everyone talks about event marketing data, and how valuable it is for marketing teams. But you are not tracking one key area; the black hole of event data!
Meaghan Carey :: July 13, 2017
In January, we released an article to help you boost student engagement. This time, we are back with tips to help you engage the classroom with technology.
Mike Piddock :: June 21, 2017
Through our recent experience working with the NHS, it’s clear that exceptional audience engagement is a key factor for success at their live events.
Ben Bradbury :: April 3, 2017
We are back with our updated PowerPoint Alternatives of 2017. Gain insight to the best tools of 2017, which you can use to better your presentation skills.
Oliver Fisher :: January 13, 2017
Engagement and participation have all become the 'buzzwords' of presenting, but what moves should a presenter make to create an interactive slideshow?
Ben Bradbury :: October 20, 2016
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