It's been an interesting month in the event-tech world: industry veteran Jamie Vaughan takes a look...
Jamie Vaughan :: October 9, 2017
With the new GDPR fast approaching, Clemi Hardie, dives into the five top questions you should be asking your event tech provider about the new regulation.
Clemi Hardie :: August 30, 2017
Have you heard about the EU's new General Data Protection Regulation? Have you been thinking; does GDPR have anything to do with Marketing? Well, find out here
Guest Author :: June 7, 2017
With a year to go until the EU's new GDPR, we ran an event on the ruling to help marketers and event profs understand the impact it will have on their business.
Oliver Fisher :: May 26, 2017
In this article, we discuss the GDPR implications on data capture for your site and event reg page. Brought to you by GDPR consultant, Ian Grey.
Oliver Fisher :: May 10, 2017
GDPR is a hot topic, and with the regulation coming into play next year, we explain what GDPR means for marketers and event profs. Including a free checklist.
Mike Piddock :: April 26, 2017
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