Oliver FisherMarch 20, 2017
[FREE Webinar] How to Effectively Measure the ROI of Event Marketing
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Hey B2B Marketers and #EventProfs...

Are you unsure how to effectively measure the return on investment from the events you run and manage? Do you instinctively know they are effective, but want to be able to prove it?

Then start watching the on-demand webinar:

A Simple Approach to Measuring Event ROI

Prior to forming Glisser, Mike spent over a decade managing large marketing budgets, with an average of 25% of his yearly spend being applied to events. Being able to measure the effectiveness of that spend was critical.

Mike is passionate about helping corporate marketing teams manage their budgets wisely and has a load of actionable advice from the perspective of a B2B marketer and an event technology entrepreneur. 

Still not sold? Check out some of his recent Event ROI resources:

Event ROI: An Alternative Attribution Model and Template

Event ROI: A Simple Method & Calculation Template

A Simple Way to Think About Event Return On Investment

This interactive webinar, will include:

  • Ideas and ways to think about calculating event return on investment
  • Showcasing some tools that make these calculations easier and more effective
  • Explanation on how you can calculate the ROI of your events

Watch the webinar here.

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