Mike PiddockJuly 1, 2016
1,000 Keys + 1 Lock = 1 B2B Marketing Success
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We recently attended the brilliant B2B Marking Summit in London and received an excellent response from attendees using our platform. However, rather than the usual event summary blog we’d rather share the story of our stand’s lock box giveaway and the results we saw.


The Idea

It’s really very simple, in each delegate bag we included a key with a tag explaining the competition. All interested delegates could then come over to our stand and try out their key, if it was one of the lucky 3 that open the lock they win a prize.

b2b-marketing-key.jpegHaving a physical item in delegate bags that could open a lock really helped delegates visualise and engage with the competition. It also helped us stand out from the crowd in a delegate bag that was otherwise filled with more flyers than you know what to do with. Plus, who wouldn’t want to win some Champagne, restaurant vouchers or a FitBit?


As we very quickly learned, 1000 of anything is a lot! We managed to purchase 1,000 used keys from an online key dealer (who knew there was such a thing) as we couldn’t use blanks, they would not be at all convincing.


Other materials were elastic bands and 1,000 business cards for the tags, as this is such a common size and printing format it was a lot more cost effective that printing and cutting custom key tags.

Finally, after some Google searches we found an acrylic lockable counter display for the prizes as well as purchasing a padlock and the prizes themselves.

Warning: Allow time for key threading, it took 3 of us 4-5 hours to hole punch and thread elastic bands through all 1,000 so don’t leave it to the last minute!


Well, as you may have seen we had a very popular stand. I’m pretty sure we were the only one with a queue.

After counting the keys we got back 326 people had a try, thats a 32% response rate and doesn’t event take into account those bags which were not claimed.


We had 1 winner (so 2 of the prizes went unclaimed and can be recycled for our next event) and almost all those that tried a key let us scan their pass, that’s a lot of contacts and leads to engage with. Obviously we also achieved a lot of walk past stand traffic too because they were either interested in Glisser or wanted to see why we were the only stand with a queue.

Overall I am sure you would agree it was a very cost effective and successful campaign. We’d love to hear your ideas on how it could be improved, if you have tried similar ideas or if you plan to use this at your next event.


We’d love to hear what you think, if you have done something similar or have other great B2B marketing ideas, tweet us @Glisser.


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