Bett 2017, Day 3 - Highlights and Roundup

Day three of the Bett conference was the most exciting yet. We heard from a long list of notable speakers including Sir Ken Robinson and Heston Blumenthal. The common theme of the day was how do we make the education system more effective for our students?

Ben Bradbury, January 28, 2017

Finding new ways and questioning the old...

Sir Ken Robinson, was the final speaker of the day. The New York Times best-selling author covered his famous ‘The Learning Revolution’ keynote, which went down a storm with the audience… 

  • Our educational system is defined by a strategy based on standardisation and competition when it is clear that each person has their own set of needs and ways of learning
  • Schools are the only place we segregate and educate kids based on age group yet it is well understood that some children learn faster and some not as fast as others
  • A recent study shows that children spend less than one hour per day outside playing with other kids. That is half the time given to a prisoner at high-security prison.

He touched on some other excellent points during his keynote address and with his audience following along using Glisser he ended his talk by taking the highest voted questions from the audience.

School Leaders Summit – Social Media and Schools

In the past decade, social and digital media has taken over how we interact with each other and take in relevant information. Schools have been slow to adopt to this trend, yet the students increasingly view social as the primary way to interact.

A great session with Clare Cantle and Nick Pauro of All Saints Catholic School, Dagenham and Sue Murray of Mango Marketing touched on best practices for schools in the age of social media.

Clare and Nick highlighted their past year’s project to enhance traditional marketing efforts by using Facebook and Twitter.  They found these social media tools to be great ways to keep in touch with parents, share pictures of student achievements, provide important school updates, gain feedback and get more people involved.

As with any new endeavour, it is key to measure change to determine success. Over a period of a few months, they tracked every element of their social efforts to learn what worked and what didn’t. The stats showed one thing: It is time for schools to embrace the power of social media.

But change is always hard…one concerned parent in the audience used Glisser to ask the panel if the much-loved paper school newsletter is going away. Not to worry said, Clare. They will still send home the newsletter that is likely to end up in the bottom of the book bag, but now there will be a text message to the parents, so they know when expecting it.

It was great to see Glisser being used on four stages at Bett 2017, with over 500 speakers and thousands of questions throughout, it shows the audience enjoyed a much more personalised experience, with a chance to ask questions on topics they most care about.

Here are a few snaps from the week…




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