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As a web-based solution, Glisser can be used anywhere in the world via an internet connection. We continue to grow in size as does the number of geographical markets we operate in. We've just added another one to the list!

Tom Dally, September 5, 2018

We’ve been used in all four corners of the globe across all sectors of industry. But Glisser is more than just a SaaS solution. We’re also the top rated event-tech provider across review platforms such as G2 Crowd and Capterra. Central to this point of differentiation is our commitment to client’s success with client managers helping to ensure your next event runs smoothly.

Despite being a web-based audience engagement solution, it’s impossible for us to have a presence everywhere. That’s why we’ve teamed up with a number of partners including regional representatives, AV companies and almost every event app. So rest assured, whether you’re sitting overlooking Central Park or at a conference in Fiji, you’ll be able to access and engage with content via your web browser with dedicated support.

A challenge that a lot of tech start ups face is challenging the status quo. We’re no strangers to this. Technology transcends national and industry boundaries. Events are not confined to single markets. And neither are we. We’re constantly being deployed into new markets because of the need to be seen as forward thinking within competitive landscapes for companies. As events are often outward facing, they act as a perfect opportunity to project that image to investors and potential customers alike.

For example, Glisser was recently used for the first time in Pakistan at the prestigious Karachi School of Business and Leadership (KSBL). The guest speaker session was run by Mr. M.A. Mannan, President & CEO of TCS Holdings, on developing executive capabilities within digital entrepreneurship.


Demonstrating the intuitive nature of the audience engagement platform, not knowing of Glisser's usage, students at KSBL were fully engaged and utilising the various features within seconds.

The session covered Mr Mannan's constant encounters with entrepreneurs over the span of his career. He also elaborated various fallacies that emerged with the paradigm shift of Pakistan's economy to digital and the need to understand oneself as a budding entrepreneur.

‘I used glisser for the first time presenting to tech savvy MBA students. I was extremely nervous and more so when I told them that I would only respond to questions through Glisser. The blank looks made me even more nervous as I normally feed on energy from the audience.

However, after the first couple of polls, the audience and I both felt better. What happened next surprised me... I did a few live polls and suddenly we were in new territory.  At this time I asked the Glisser rep to pop up the questions from the audience... I had so many questions and the top most question had 21 likes.

By the time I was concluding my presentation, it felt as if my audience and  I had been using Glisser for ages. To test this I went for a live poll... I asked how many liked Glisser as a tool.. 93 percent positive response!

Well done Glisser! It’s an easy and a very intuitive tool. I am not going to conduct an event without it.’

M A Mannan


One of the highlights of the presentation was the Q&A session at the end. This enabled bi-lateral communication between Mr Mannan and the students, increasing the overall experience for all involved. 


The Engagement Score for Mr Mannan’s talk was 60. On average, we typically see an average engagement score of 50 (check out our previous blog on engagement scores).

If you'd like to explore using Glisser for your next event, please get in touch below. 


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