Six Ultra-Creative Uses for QR Codes at Events, Conferences & Training Sessions

After years of limited use, the QR code is finding new life thanks to new default camera integrations in smartphones.

Mike Piddock, February 27, 2020

The humble QR code is finally getting a chance to shine! After years of sporadic use (certainly outside of Asia where it was always popular), 2020 is the year it’s set to be a bang-on trend for event planners and other meeting organizers.

And it’s all down to Apple and Google, who have finally incorporated a QR reader into the default cameras on their smartphones. 

All web-based solutions (like Glisser) now have a super-fast methods of onboarding users to any webpage. Say goodbye to mistyped URLs; say hello to instant access. That means hassle-free onboarding and more audience engagement.

So other than displaying a code at the start of an interactive presentation to get users involved, how else can you use this super-simple addition to your phone?

1. QR Instant Feedback

Display QR codes in areas where you need basic feedback. This might be as people are leaving a speaker session, or it could be to rate the quality of the coffee, or even the cleanliness of a bathroom! Link your QR code to Glisser’s survey functionality, using  a simple rating score or emoji voting, and get instant analytics on all sorts of tiny but crucial parts of your event.

2. QR Staff Surveys

A similar but more in-depth approach can be taken to staff surveys. Rather than send everyone an email that gets filed under B.I.N, instead use a QR code in more social areas such as kitchens or near photocopiers. For some employees such as those in retail or the service industries without a company email address, this may be the only way to reach them directly. Link to your Glisser survey, and maybe some extra content such as slides or video, and get that feedback flowing.

3. QR Training Quizzes

Whilst many of our training customers use Glisser throughout their sessions, sharing content and testing attendees, there’s no reason why you can’t just use the platform to test at the end of the session. Bring up a QR code on your final slide and have everyone answer questions on the topic just covered - show how people many get each correct, and even present a leaderboard of the best performers, instantly. Plus, you can push results directly into your LMS with our simple API integration.

4. QR Trade Booth Gamification

There’s no need to spend big to create an interesting gamification option at your trade booth. In fact, this one could be used by a single company at an event, or conference organizers could do this for every sponsor with a stand. By using a QR code on your stand linked to Glisser, you can share content (product brochures perhaps), gather qualification data via surveys, and even give out prizes. Our ‘lottery’ function picks random winner(s) from everyone who scans your code, and you can show your winner’s live draw at your event throughout the day, bringing those delegates over to see you.

5. QR Treasure Hunts

Another gamification option for large conference organizers is the use of QR codes around the venue, or stands or elsewhere, to encourage footfall and circulation throughout the showfloor. These can be linked to content rewards, quizzes or lotteries to reward the most active delegates. Create a full blown treasure hunt, by revealing the location of each subsequent QR code via Glisser, as they navigate through each step.

6. QR Business Card Materials

Give your boring business cards a new lease of life, by connecting them to your sales materials. Use a QR code on your card linked to a personal Glisser page. This could include brochureware, a video introduction, or even data gathering and lead qualification questions. Track data on who is accessing your page and at what times, and turn each business card handed out into a richer digital experience for your contacts.

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