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Last year our customers asked us more than any other question - how can I get more sponsorship through my virtual events and how can I monetize the Glisser platform? We listened...

Vanessa Lovatt, January 21, 2021

The team at Glisser have created and just released a feature that we are
incredibly proud of - because it gives you more sponsorship opportunities and more chance to monetize your event.

We still have our e-booths which our customers are still very much enjoying using, but we now also have the chance to add a video interstitial before every single virtual event session.

This can be a different video before each virtual event session - so you choose what promotional video goes before which session. As well as monetization and sponsorship opportunities, why not use this video marketing opportunity to advertise your own upcoming events or content? You can use these tools to help yourself, as well as help your sponsors.

These videos and images will amplify your clients brand and messaging, and can even drive traffic to specific URLs. They can be highly targeted and measurable too.

The reason we're really excited about this particular feature is that our customers have told us that they would be able to sell sponsorship of a single video interstitial for up to £7,000. So you would immediately not just cover the cost of your Glisser investment, but you would actually already be making it a returnable investment too.

In addition, they've told us that selling exclusive access to all video interstitials across an entire virtual event could generate sponsorship for up to £24,000.

So I would say this pretty much makes it a no-brainer! Our new video interstitial sponsorship feature is an absolute must-have to help monetize virtual events, certainly for all commercial conference companies out there and I'm quite sure many other event planners too.

It's super simple to set up video or image ads within Glisser - check out this support article for more information. 

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Vanessa is an established virtual and hybrid event professional experienced in building engaged digital communities and delivering high-quality digital content and training.

Having run her first virtual event in 2012, Vanessa has been immersed in and witnessed the scope, landscape and potential of events, training and digital content evolve. Now, as an essential part of today’s business world; she has made it her mission to facilitate event organisers, training companies and digital content providers to navigate the rapidly evolving world of virtual opportunities.

In her role as Chief Evangelist at Glisser, Vanessa is demystifying the tech that can help trainers and event organisers breathe fresh life into their work.


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