Expand Your Session Horizons

Have your key audience in the room as well as a larger audience online both generating that crucial social buzz from a single platform.

Glisser, October 8, 2019

Full integrated with all major social media platforms:

The world is increasingly connected and we believe events should be too. That’s why we’re fully integrated with all major social media platforms. That means there are more ways for your audience to generate an online buzz around your event helping to create that all-important FOMO. 


Hashtags are commonplace at live events. The Glisser Social Wall can be switched on with one click, and your own hashtag added to determine the tweets it shows. You then have total control over when and where you display your Social Wall to maximise its impact.

We know that while you want social buzz, the last thing you want is someone hijacking your hashtag and filling your Tweet Wall with nonsense. That’s why the Social Wall and feed can be moderated, with posts blocked and archived, giving you full control of your audience content.

Moreover, audience members can view the Twitter feed on Glisser even if they don’t have a Twitter account. If they do, then they can connect it to Glisser and share presentation slides directly to Twitter, appended with your event hashtag. Turn your audience into your content promoters, and get that session trending.

You’ll gather all the social analytics around your event in the same location as all other engagement metrics - questions, polls, feedback, engagement score - helping you quickly identify your event ROI.


No limitation on audience sizes:

We know how stressful events can be to organise. Audience sizes are tough to estimate. You therefore need a solution that has no cap and doesn't restrict your audience. Glisser is infinitely scalable and limitlessly shareable. 

Coupled with Glisser LIVE, our live streaming solution, your events are no longer confined by the size of your room. 

No other platform offers the combination of live video, instant slide sharing and participation elements. The video feed can be extracted from multiple sources including YouTube Live. The crisp slides are delivered in real-time, without awkward ‘screen-sharing’, and are instantly downloadable at the end of the session. The multiple forms of audience response, including polling, quizzing, Q&A and social feeds, are brought into a single analytics and infographics platform.

Unlike clunky webinars that require software downloads or have a complicated onboarding experience, Glisser has been designed to be as frictionless as possible. With our background in in-room mobile-first event technology, we’ve had to think this way from Day One! We offer a wide range of passworded or open access options, GDPR consent capture, and a beautiful brandable interface that maximises audience engagement


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Enterprise-grade security has been at the heart of Glisser since its inception. We recognise with the steep rise in data breaches, companies consider data security as one of their most pressing features.
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