Glisser Features: Audience Q&A

When you deliver a presentation, how important is audience engagement? Paramount, right? If your audience isn’t paying attention, why even bother presenting? 

Glisser, February 10, 2020

Audience Q&A:

In this blog series, we will discuss how to get the most out of each of the Glisser platform features, starting with Audience Q&A.


“Q&A is brilliant, I bring up the questions view throughout my presentations to ensure everyone understands what I am talking about and speed up/slow down accordingly.”


Project Manager, Transport for London


The Glisser platform enhances the audience experience by allowing every single participant to interact in a Q&A session from their smartphone – no need to raise a hand or download an app. Once submitted, questions can be upvoted by other audience members, or moderated by event organizers. This not only gives the presenters a better idea of what their audience wants to know more about, it gives the audience a vested stake in the presentation.

The process couldn’t be easier. First, the presenter activates the Q&A function from their deck on the cloud-based Glisser platform. Then, audience members can use their own smartphones, and while following along with the slide presentation, submit questions at any time. The host can pop up the group’s questions as a slide, sort them by most popular or most recent, and the presenter also has the option to display only approved (moderated) questions.

The Q&A can take place in the middle of the presentation to make sure everyone is following along, or at the end of the offering to resolve any audience uncertainty, the choice is yours.

In conclusion, taking advantage of the Audience Q&A feature is the best way to make sure you and your participants are 100% synced up. 

“Glisser turned it up to 11. I used Glisser for The London SaaS Meetup, which was previously lacking in audience interaction – Glisser changed all that! It’s a doddle to use and drastically improved the social sharing, participation and feedback from the meetup members. I’m signing up to use it for the rest of the SaaS Meetup series.”


Founder of SaaScribe

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