Press Release: Glisser releases ‘Glisser Elements’ - a unique modular low-code solution to deliver totally bespoke virtual and hybrid events

Glisser Elements allows Enterprises, Agencies, Venues and AV Companies to embed secure modular events components anywhere in their own websites.

Mike Piddock, November 3, 2021

LONDON & NEW YORK, Nov. 3, 2021: Glisser, the award-winning virtual and hybrid meetings platform, today announces the launch of Glisser Elements. Glisser Elements is a virtual events Software Development Kit (SDK) that allows enterprises and their agencies to create bespoke virtual and hybrid events experiences using Glisser’s highly-developed components, inside their own websites.

Using Glisser Elements, clients can customize the audience experience, with full control over each visual component, screen layout and navigation. Glisser provides secure and scalable plug-and-play tools, based upon enterprise-grade technologies that are built to cope with high user volumes and activity surges that could crash other platforms.

Glisser Elements will be available to Glisser clients alongside its existing ‘‘off-the-shelf’ platform, which gives clients instant access to award winning audience engagement, data gathering and attendee connection features, as well as presenter green rooms, CPE certification options and extensive analytics, in a ready-to-go format.

Glisser’s clients will be able to engage with Glisser’s technical solutions team to help develop a long-term events strategy, as online meetings move from a quick-fix for COVID-affected physical events, into a core part of a business’s ongoing communications and marketing channels. Glisser Elements supports such a strategy, allowing complete integration into client environments, offering established single-sign-on preferences and total control over the audience experience.

Glisser’s CEO and Founder Mike Piddock said, “Glisser Elements is our flag in the ground for where we think virtual and hybrid events are heading: seamlessly integrated into companies’ own websites and other online platforms. Online events are no longer a sticky-plaster to solve a short-term problem. They are establishing themselves as a core channel in our ever-evolving post-COVID world. When something is this fundamental to the way a business operates, companies won’t want to send their audiences to a rebadged third-party platform environment, with a restricted set of banners they can upload, and a handful of settings they can adjust. It simply won’t be enough.”

“There are hundreds of virtual platforms available now in a market that is rapidly homogenising, but all of them are driving audiences away from the client’s own online environment. With Glisser Elements we’re changing the market dynamic, giving our secure and scalable tools to clients and their creative partners to deploy themselves, exactly how they want to use them. This will deliver a far superior experience for their audiences, and allow clients to turn virtual meetings and events into a central part of their new approach to business.”

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About Glisser:

Glisser is an award-winning tech platform powering unique company event experiences, anywhere. Best-in-class virtual and hybrid event tools give planners the power to wow and make every event count. Clients include the likes of Informa, Clarion, Facebook, Uber, and many more.

Glisser enables companies to power engaging event experiences for their customers, partners, investors and employees, in-person, online, and in-between. The platform is developed by event industry veterans to go beyond basic video and screen sharing tech, to create inspiring, high participation events of any size.

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