Press Release: Glisser launches Glisser Stream to create seamless hybrid events

Glisser Stream enables customers to run virtual event sessions through Glisser’s own streaming service.

Amy Jordan, April 20, 2021


London, 19th April 2021 - Virtual and hybrid event platform Glisser has today announced the launch of its own video streaming service, Glisser Stream. The new functionality means that Glisser customers can now run their virtual event sessions directly through the Glisser platform, removing the need to embed links to third party streaming services.

The platform’s own streaming service has been designed to make customer’s lives easier and their events even more successful.

Glisser Stream will bring greater time and cost savings to Glisser users. Event planners no longer need to spend time or budget setting up broadcast licenses with other streaming services, nor do they have to ask their event attendees to download anything: instead, attendees can simply log in to Glisser’s SaaS platform where they’ll start receiving the video conference or live broadcast.

Glisser has eliminated the need to rely on third party integrations and the associated security or integration issues that can sometimes arise, providing a seamless and reliable experience. Glisser Stream is also versatile and easy to use, able to handle anything from a video conferencing-style session with multiple speakers through to a major broadcast sharing content with possibly tens of thousands of people. The UI updates to the platform also make it easy for users to take control of their video conference or broadcast, as well as making improvements to the way that all sessions are started within Glisser.

Glisser CEO and Founder Mike Piddock, commented, “We’ve been helping our customers prepare for and plan virtual and hybrid events since before the pandemic began, and it has been exciting to see how the platform has evolved over the years. We're proud to support the events industry with our now best-in-class tools – and the launch of Glisser Stream is another exciting development as we step into the future of hybrid, with digital elements set to permanently complement the return of in-person events.

“The video component of virtual and hybrid events is core to a great attendee experience, but it can also be the source of complexity for event planners. Often the optimal solution is different for different session formats, audience sizes or desired results. Add to that multiple speakers, with varying levels of experience, technical expertise and internet connectivity, and it's clear that simplifying this minefield is going to benefit our clients and their delegates. We've built Glisser Stream to deliver the specific needs of event planners, keeping complexity to a minimum.”

Glisser will continue to maintain the eleven other streaming platforms that it currently integrates with in order to provide additional options for users if preferred.


For more information contact or call Kate on 07980 921961.

About Glisser

Glisser is an award-winning tech platform powering unique company event experiences, anywhere. Best-in-class virtual and hybrid event tools give planners the power to wow and make every event count. Clients include the likes of Informa, Pfizer, KPMG, Facebook, Uber, and many more.

Glisser enables companies to power engaging event experiences for their customers, partners, investors and employees, in-person, online, and in-between. The platform is developed by event industry veterans to go beyond basic video and screen sharing tech, to create inspiring, high participation events of any size.

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