Glisser Platform Update: 15 June 2020

We're excited to announce two new features for our users to enjoy, available immediately.

Andrew Walker, June 15, 2020

One of the core functions of Glisser has been the ability to deliver slides to attendees immediately after an event, saving you time and the headache of delivering slides. Related Content takes that one step further. Now users have the ability to include up to 3 external links to related content on your presentations.

The second feature, Zoom Meetings and Webinars, is one of our most heavily requested features. Zoom has recently upped their security standards to be more in line with the ISO27001 standards to which Glisser strictly adheres, allowing us to reintegrate them into the platform. We're very excited to have Zoom as an option for video going forward.

Curious to learn more? Explore both features in greater detail below.


This note details the new functionality included in release 1.0.286, released on Saturday 13 June 2020. There are two new features included in this release, plus several bug fixes:

Related Content

With this release, users will now be able to add up to 3 links to be displayed for each session. These links will be displayed underneath the main content window (live stream or slides) and in a dedicated ‘Related’ tab.

To add the links, a new ‘Related Content’ section has been added to the Presentation Setting area. To add content, toggle the switch and click the ‘Edit links’ link.

Related Content Image Glisser


Related Content Image Glisser Links On

A pop-up window will appear that enables you to enter up to 3 links. Enter text to label the button, the URL for the link (including the https://) and choose between a contained or outlined button style.

Related Content Image Glisser Link Options


Related Content Image Glisser Link Options Style

When the session is live, the links will appear in two places in the Audience view: underneath the main content and underneath the secondary content on the right hand side in a new RELATED tab.

Related Content Image Glisser Buttons


Related Content Image Glisser Link Preview



Zoom Meetings/Webinars

Glisser now supports Live Streaming from paid for (Pro and above) Zoom accounts. When the Live Streaming option is selected from the Presentation Settings, Zoom appears at the bottom of the list.

When selected, enter a meeting/webinar ID and, if required a password.

Zoom Feature Video Embed


Zoom Embed Source Example

When the event is live and the Zoom session started, the audience will need to enter their name, confirm an Image Captcha and then (whether or not the moderator has muted them) choose an Audio option before being placed into the session (shown below with the new related content).

Zoom Embed Example Live


Zoom Embed Glisser Session Example



Bug Fix Descriptions

  • Improve the number of Vimeo video links supported. As well as just the standard Video code (123456789) Glisser now supports Vimeo URLs pasted in the following formats:


  • Ensure state is consistent across all instances of LiveControl, allowing for any present tab to update itself, all other present tabs and the display tab.


  • Copy and Paste now recognises an entry and adds a new entry


  • Support the ability to scroll through poll options with a keyboard


  • When the Close link is clicked after adding a new presentation, Glisser now returns to the previous screen.


Release Notes | 1.0.268 | June 2020

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