How to Improve the Effectiveness of NHS Meetings & Events

Through our recent experience working with the National Health Service, it’s clear that exceptional audience engagement is a key factor for success at their live events.

Ben Bradbury, April 3, 2017

More often than not, the subject matter is complex, and prone to create passionate debates. Therefore it has been vital that audiences are one half of a conversational dialogue with the presenters, rather than passively receiving a one way presentation.

Furthermore, a crucial factor for the NHS’s use of event technology is to capture valuable data, which could provide insightful feedback, and the basis for follow up content.

Glisser has seen exceptional results facilitating audience engagement within the National Health Service. Our most recent events saw triple the volume of questions asked in panel discussions than with average corporate events.

Given our success working together, we’ve taken a retrospective look at our progress to date, what made the events work so well, and how other NHS members can effectively engage their audiences, be they at conferences, meetings or training sessions.

Turning Presentations into Conversations

A key priority at NHS events is to keep their audiences hooked on their content. Due to the often contentious topics that cropped up, it was vital the audience were given a mouthpiece to voice their opinions. Glisser’s anonymous Q&A achieved this, providing delegates with a comfortable platform, free from the limelight, from which they could be as honest as they liked.

We typically see a 10x increase in audience question volume compared to traditional events, but even by our standards, the NHS has been an exceptional success. Every session had more questions than moderators could handle, providing a constant dialogue between delegates and speakers. The safety provided by Glisser’s anonymous Q&A enables healthcare professionals to collect truly honest insights from their audience. Moderation was provided, but despite the thought-provoking subject matter it was mainly used to correct typos, and shorten longer questions.

Our new word cloud offered a different kind of insight, immediately equipping event organisers with the key themes of the day. Finally voting on favoured questions democratises the discussion, letting organisers pick the insights that are most relevant to the audience.

NHS Content: In the Right Hands, at the Right Time

There is a clear need for the NHS to ensure that relevant materials are shared across organisations, such as Trusts and Clinical Commissioning Groups. Glisser’s live slide-sharing makes this simple. With it, NHS members can distribute their content to audiences, both in the room and beyond, instantly. And if it’s something to be taken away and shared further, they can easily download the content at the click of a button. Live slide-sharing is also ideal for training sessions. When used in conjunction with our live polls, NHS leaders, such as Heads of Learning and Organisational Development, can effectively test and measure their teams’ learning, and allow them to leave valuable feedback.

Proving Event Effectiveness to the Team

Combined with the audience engagement, Glisser’s real value for the NHS shone through with the data captured from the audience, and the insights it provided. The real-time data analytics brought the numbers to life, letting them see exactly how engaged their audience is, through poll breakdowns, asked questions and more.

Where the Q&A and polls were anonymous when live, afterwards they can see what feedback specific Trusts and key healthcare influencers were leaving, and can respond to them directly. The information captured allows NHS members to prove their event’s effectiveness to their team, and could validate running future events and conferences.

A Revolution in Engagement

Glisser’s bread and butter is delivering simple, effective engagement and data. For an organisation that runs hundreds of events a year, and needs to prove their results effectively, our software is helping the NHS get their events great returns on both investment and engagement.

Through innovative interaction and instant, actionable insights, Glisser’s platform has started to enhance the events held by the National Health Service, transforming the way departments have viewed the potential of live events.

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