How to Integrate Glisser into a Pitch

Whether you’re an event agency, social media agency, branding agency or PR agency, there is one constant theme - pitching. To avoid the monotony of Microsoft PowerPoint, use Glisser as a powerpoint alternative to inject energy into client pitches, provide you with a unique selling point and gather valuable data insight.

Tom Dally, March 28, 2019

It's more than just a flashy presentation, though. Content is key. Here's a short list of what it should include:

  • Professionally designed slides adhering to design principles.

  • Identify the needs of the company you’re pitching to.

  • Define your strategy to meet the needs.

  • Introduce your agency team.

  • Include similar case studies of your previous work.

  • Summarize the above and open the floor to questions.

Innovative Tech to Win New Clients

The above is standard. But when winning new clients, you don't just want to do the standard. You want to indicate to the client that you’re unlike every other agency that’s pitching. This is where Glisser can help. Instead of using run of the mill presentation software, you can use Glisser as a powerpoint alternative.

First and foremost, challenging the status quo straight off the bat is a great way to grab the attention of the company. It’s a fantastic indicator that you’re ahead of the curve and crucially think outside the box. That’ll be music to their ears!

Moreover, by weaving in interactive elements will make the pitch more memorable (not that your content won't be). For example, you could use polls to get the potential client participating in your pitch. In that sense, you can have them co-driving the pitch. Not only will this be something of a novelty, but it will help them retain your points and messaging because they will help shape it and the direction your pitch takes. A mini choose-your-own pitch if you like.

You could also use polls to gather insights and feedback from potential clients at the beginning and end of each pitch. Using Q&A would also enable you to collect anonymous and honest feedback from a crowded room. If you’re producing and running many pitches, this will help you refine your pitches and improve your conversion rates. It will also help you understand more about the potential client.


Event Data, Analytics & ROI

Alternatively, it might be the case that you’re an event agency and you’re pitching to win a large event contract. The event is being run by a large bank that is heavily investing in their technology in the face of increasing threats from challenger banks. The brief includes a keynote theatre and they are inviting a mixture of industry experts, journalists and high net worth individuals so moderated Q&A is also a function they’d be looking to deploy.

statsNaturally given the scope of the brief, event agencies pitching want their knowledge of the industry, awareness of the challenges faced and their complexities to come across in their pitch. By weaving the event-tech they intend to use at the event into their pitch, it provides a clear sign to the client that the agency understands the objectives of the event. And by demonstrating the value of using audience engagement software such as Glisser, the agency is able to come across innovative and closely aligned to the objectives of the event. The client is also able to gain first-hand experience of the type of data captured by Glisser during the event and the potential benefits of the analytics and ROI. It can, therefore, help agencies stand out from a large crowd.

Generate Revenue Streams

If you’re at the stage where the event is planned, the location is booked, suppliers are sourced, you’re now at the stage where you sell event sponsorship. Sales tactics from agency to agency; some distribute content, some hit the phones and others pitch to potential sponsors face to face. If you’re the latter, you’d be far more likely to gain sponsors by intertwining the event-tech sponsorship space you’re hoping to sell into your initial pitch. This will give sponsors a tangible understanding of the potential benefits. It would also be a great idea to create a mock-up of what Glisser or a poll would look like with their logo and colour scheme attached.  

revenueYou can also use Glisser to help boost existing revenue streams for events. As an event agency, you get a % of the profit an event makes. By using Glisser at events you can increase the overall attendee experience by getting them more engaged, participating more with content and having a level playing field to ask speakers questions. As a result of increased overall experience, attendees will be more than likely to post about their time at an event - be it live-tweeting a slide or simply using the event hashtag - helping to increase social amplification and achieve that all important FOMO effect. They will also be far more likely to attend next year’s event and recommend it to colleagues. 

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