Is this Microsoft's answer to Death by PowerPoint?

Everyone’s familiar with PowerPoint. Which means everyone is also familiar with “Death by PowerPoint”. The misuse of a great presentation tool has soured the brand name and sent everyone in search of PowerPoint alternative. Microsoft is now looking to combat that.

Mark Simeon, July 18, 2019

Microsoft recently released a new video explaining PowerPoint Coach, an AI software made to help craft a perfect presentation. Using PowerPoint Coach is as easy as speaking into a microphone when you practice presenting. From there, the AI will listen to a few key factors to determine the quality of your presentation.

The AI will listen to your pacing to determine if you are going too fast for your attendees to be able to follow along or so slow that everyone in the room has zoned out already. It will also be sure that you aren’t using empty filler language. It will also flag any phrase that might be deemed insensitive. Microsoft cited the example of “Best man for the job” in their promotional video. And lastly, it will also check to make sure that you are not just reading off the slides.
After you’re done rehearsing, it gives you a presentation score and general tips to improve your presentation. While this does help alleviate some of the most common bad habits when it comes to using PowerPoint, it does not solve the true problem that plagues most meetings: audience engagement. Having good presentation skills is useless if your audience is not engaged.

So how do you ensure that your attendees are actively engaged and responsive to your presentation? Through an audience response solution like Glisser.

Glisser allows for live slide sharing, audience Q&A, and live polling to ensure that you and your attendees are getting the most out of every presentation.
Blog 28 Audience Engagement Phone
Here is were audience engagement solutions help presentations get into top gear. Live slide sharing means that your presentation goes straight to their phone, so audiences can follow along with you. They can take notes and send themselves the presentation if you allow it! This will help with information retention to make sure your presentation is truly heard.

Participation tools such as live polling help audiences get involved in the action--ask them questions to serve as a benchmark to how effective your presentation is or survey the crowd for their thoughts to help further the discussion. All the while audiences can anonymously ask questions via Q&A, where they can also up-vote more relevant questions and have them answered at the end of the presentation.

All of these features help facilitate active listening and participation while leaving you with workable data to prove the ROI of your event. The ability to track and demonstrate your event ROI is more useful than any PowerPoint alternative or presentation coach. While Microsoft is helping you create better content, you can combine that feature with Glisser to help you engage your audience and produce better results.


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