July Product Update

Our mission at Glisser is simple: to improve the exchange of information when people come together.

Ben Bradbury, July 25, 2017


And since the start of the year, our development team have been hard at work building out our technology with this in mind.

Our development process is always customer-centric, we love to listen to our fans and create the features they want to see. In this product update video, we cover some of our most exciting latest releases.

Glisser’s CEO Mike Piddock, takes you through the 12 following features:

  • Glisser Live virtual and hybrid events
  • GDPR consent capture form
  • Password protection
  • New Q&A interface & word cloud
  • Improved white labelling
  • The ability to change poll answers
  • Image polls
  • Polls results shared to the audience device
  • Audience video player
  • Improved polls on the fly
  • Faster event creation
  • Integrations
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