Meet Your Security Requirements

Enterprise-grade security has been at the heart of Glisser since its inception. We recognise with the steep rise in data breaches, companies consider data security as one of their most pressing features.

Glisser, October 8, 2019

Data Protection:

With Glisser you’re in safe hands - we’re the first audience response provider to be ISO 27001 certified. 


What does this mean for you?

  • You can be sure of our continual integrity to safeguarding confidential data and do everything we can to keep data secure.
  • Our processes are in the vanguard of business, legal, contractual and regulatory requirements across the sectors we work in. We update as regulations update. 
  • We have clearly defined roles and responsibilities resulting in the streamlining of our operations. This means we have more time focusing on what matters most … hitting your next event out of the park!

With the impact of poor data security so significant, yet with such obvious risks existing across every business, it's important that event planners select technology partners they can trust.

Glisser is a simple and flexible means of ensuring your data is secure through a variety of security features including watermarking, pin-code protection, and GDPR/CCPA consent capture.


Centralised content hub:

Security does not just relate to data. It also concerns your content. 

With Glisser you can create a single centralized content repository. That means you no longer need to worry about your colleagues not having the most up to date presentation.

Whether content is deployed during training sessions throughout the country to sales teams or as a welcome pack to new starters on the other side of the world, you’re able to control what content they have access to. 

People come and go in organisations, but the content shouldn't. With Glisser’s centralized hub, you no longer need to worry that valuable content will be lost.

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