Announcing our new Chief Evangelist!

Glisser appoints new Chief Evangelist role to virtual event professional Vanessa Lovatt. Former Managing Director of virtual event business to act as Glisser’s ambassador as part of bold plans for further expansion into hybrid event space.

Mike Piddock, September 4, 2020

Glisser, a global leader in hybrid and virtual events, today announced that highly experienced virtual event professional, Vanessa Lovatt, has joined the company as Chief Evangelist.

Vanessa will be working closely with current and new customers to ensure that they maximise their ROI from the Glisser hybrid and virtual event platform at a time when event technology is developing at break-neck speed. As the event sector continues through unchartered change, Vanessa will continue to drive forward Glisser’s reputation as the world’s leading platform for hybrid events.

Since 2010, Vanessa has held Managing Director positions at various events and content marketing companies spanning virtual, hybrid and in-person events. Additionally, she has consulted within multiple event businesses and event teams within non-event businesses and supported four such businesses through the tumult of recent months. As such, she is uniquely positioned to understand the current needs of event and meeting organizers, and is committed to enabling them to realize their event goals through the power of event tech.

Combined with her proven experience of developing and executing commercially successful growth strategies, she is well prepared to invigorate and propel Glisser’s global hybrid event growth initiatives: “Having watched the event sector go through a painful and unpredictable 2020, there is finally one thing that we can predict without doubt and that’s that hybrid events are definitely going to be the next phase of the event sector’s future. Virtual-only events will be around for some time yet, but we are already running successful hybrid and multi-hub events and we want our customers to realize their own event goals and generate high ROI from their first hybrid events. My goal is to ensure our customer’s shift to hybrid is a sustainable investment in not just their event, but the entire development of their business. It’s an absolute privilege to be able to be able to leverage my experience of walking in event organizer’s shoes to now help them through this next seismic shift in the event industry and drive Glisser’s hybrid event vision forwards.”

Glisser’s Founder and CEO, Mike Piddock, commented; “We are beyond excited to welcome Vanessa to the team. Her experience in the virtual and hybrid events space is practically unrivaled, and the fact that she is joining us from the client side means she brings the ideal perspective to our business at this important time. As we rapidly innovate both our product and customer servicing for the changing world of events, it’s fundamental that our customers have their Champion inside our organization, representing them in every conversation we have. We know event planners need more than just software, and Vanessa will help us continue to lead the way in the support elements that are vital for event planners to succeed.”

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