Taming the Elephant: Revolutionising the Events Industry

The start-up life is all about innovating, releasing products to market quickly, and then iterating based upon customer feedback. In event-tech, things are a little more complicated because our industry is very much ‘live’ – if the technology doesn’t just work, it rarely gets a second chance. No wonder PowerPoint has stayed Number 1 for so long.

A great day for Glisser at the Event Organisers Summit

What a great start to the week for everyone at Glisser. First we have the amazing news on TechCrunch on Monday morning about the recent funding and the new PowerPoint add-in. Then Rebecca and I attended the Event Organisers Summit and got to mingle with our events industry peers.

Techniques for Overcoming Presentation Nerves

Presenting can be an incredibly nerve wracking experience, it can control your whole body and put you in shutdown mode.

Can Snapchat Really Be Used as a Business Tool?

Snapchat has shaken up the world: injecting raw, instant uploads into the social media sphere. So why is it not treated with the same respect as other platforms in the corporate world?

How To Set Up Events That are Lead Generating Machines

We all want more friends. Some find making friends a piece of cake; for others, it is their worst nightmare. For event planners, ensuring networking happens at events is a must to increase attendance. Making this happen is a daunting task … or is it? We explain how the event planner’s job can be made easier.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Presentation

Presentations are a reflection of you as a person, and of your business. A poor presentation can be detrimental to future business deals and growth. So why are so many people still producing bad presentations?

The Dreaded Question: A Presenter's Worst Nightmare

It’s the end of your event. You’ve been speaking for a while. Your mouth is dry and you want to go home. But no; the worst is yet to come...

How to Use Prisma to Make Your PowerPoint Less Cringeworthy

One of the most time-consuming parts of creating an effective and impactful PowerPoint presentation is sourcing visuals. You know the feeling, you’ve slaved over the key messages and a Hollywood-perfect story arc, only for Google image search to bring up terrible clichés, shockingly naff stock photography and graphical devices that should have been left in the 90s.

The Reversercoaster: Life at a Startup

Working in a startup with entrepreneurs who’ve had the guts to go it alone is by no means a smooth ride. The unpredictability and fast-paced approach can leave you with no option but to think on your feet, and some days more often than not, you may find yourself on a turbulent path.

Go Big or Go Rural

Depending on the size and theme of your event, there is the unique possibility to choose out-of-city venues, creating a memorable experience which goes beyond the actual meeting.
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