Electrifying Day at Event Tech Live and the Event Tech Awards

Once again we were invited to exhibit at Event Tech Live, Europe’s first conference and exhibition for event professionals with an interest in technology. ETL is the event of the year for event tech professionals as it provides a unique platform to learn about this ever expanding sector and as a result it is an absolute pleasure to be a part of. With over 60 exhibitors set up in the quirky Old Truman Brewery, the atmosphere was buzzing.

How to Instantly Improve Your Event Marketing Metrics

The event industry is booming; it generates £20.6 billion GVA in the UK alone. But why are we all turning to events and what should we get out of them?

A Simple Way to Think About Event Return On Investment

Before I started Glisser I spent 12 years running marketing teams. And in that time I saw the perception of marketing change from colouring pencils and parties, to being digitised and data-driven. No longer sales-support, but a strategic function at the heart of the world’s best businesses.

9 Interactive Slideshow Moves Every Presenter Should Make

The term ‘audience engagement’ has become the ultimate buzzword, it’s splashed all over event blogs. But what does it actually mean? Engagement means that the audience interacts with the content; is this either by listening and digesting or actually through an exchange?

5 Ways to Boost Audience Interaction at Events

Whether organising a business dinner, conference or promotional activity, event planners are utilising bold techniques bolstered by the latest technology in order to ensure attendees get the most out of an event. With an increasing focus on achieving event ROI and ‘success’, it is becoming more widely accepted to improve audience engagement by involving delegates throughout the experience: before, during and after their attendance

Taming the Elephant: Revolutionising the Events Industry

The start-up life is all about innovating, releasing products to market quickly, and then iterating based upon customer feedback. In event-tech, things are a little more complicated because our industry is very much ‘live’ – if the technology doesn’t just work, it rarely gets a second chance. No wonder PowerPoint has stayed Number 1 for so long.

A great day for Glisser at the Event Organisers Summit

What a great start to the week for everyone at Glisser. First we have the amazing news on TechCrunch on Monday morning about the recent funding and the new PowerPoint add-in. Then Rebecca and I attended the Event Organisers Summit and got to mingle with our events industry peers.

Techniques for Overcoming Presentation Nerves

Presenting can be an incredibly nerve wracking experience, it can control your whole body and put you in shutdown mode.

Can Snapchat Really Be Used as a Business Tool?

Snapchat has shaken up the world: injecting raw, instant uploads into the social media sphere. So why is it not treated with the same respect as other platforms in the corporate world?

How To Set Up Events That are Lead Generating Machines

We all want more friends. Some find making friends a piece of cake; for others, it is their worst nightmare. For event planners, ensuring networking happens at events is a must to increase attendance. Making this happen is a daunting task … or is it? We explain how the event planner’s job can be made easier.
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