Go Big or Go Rural

Depending on the size and theme of your event, there is the unique possibility to choose out-of-city venues, creating a memorable experience which goes beyond the actual meeting.

Maximising the 3 Points of Event Delegate Engagement

Are Your Business Event Attendees Connected and Engaged?

How to market to marketers: Lessons from the B2B Marketing Summit

Two weeks ago, London’s Design Centre played host to the B2B Marketing Summit, bringing over 1000 buyers, suppliers and a plethora of speakers together. Cards were exchanged, networks were expanded and, at end of the day, champagne was extremely welcome.

1,000 Keys + 1 Lock = 1 B2B Marketing Success

We recently attended the brilliant B2B Marking Summit in London and received an excellent response from attendees using our platform. However, rather than the usual event summary blog we’d rather share the story of our stand’s lock box giveaway and the results we saw.

Stoke the Fire: 35 Questions to Get Your Panel Going

When putting on a panel event, there’s nothing worse than seeing your preparation culminate in deafening silence. Sometimes panelists will just need a few questions to get the conversation started, so we’ve created a handy cheat sheet to get your panel discussion going.

10 of the best PowerPoint alternatives in 2016

Presentations are a key part of education and business. Explaining an idea to a group, and increasingly gathering their feedback and viewpoints, is a crucial part of communication.
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