Power User Series (#2) - Always On Sessions

Glisser Power Users understand how to harness ALL of the potent features of the platform to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for a virtual, in-person, or hybrid audience. Did you know that you can host your event, meeting, presentation, or training as a static environment that can be accessed 24/7?

Mark Simeon, October 7, 2020

Always-On Events

What are some of the benefits of Always-On Events?

1. Quality. Event planners (and sponsors) should think BIG about what they can do with pre-recorded video content. You can create something bespoke rather than just a standard YouTube video, and this content can be extensively planned and movie-quality. As soon as an attendee signs in to your event, you can feature a welcome video to greet and guide them, or place sponsor messages.


2. Choice. Attendees can choose their own adventure as they navigate your always-on session. They can start with speaker bios, sponsor videos, and topical teasers before moving on to the main presentations. They can navigate the tabs to see content "On Now," "By Room," "By Topic," or "Search."



3. Analytics. Just because it's on-demand doesn't mean you can't gather meaningful data - intersperse video segments with polls and data gathering tools (including mandatory completion requirements before the next part of the video plays).

4. Revenue. You can deliver pre-roll ads to generate sponsor revenue from your content. You can also include the sponsors in a dedicated area within the always-on event, where attendees to learn more and jump to a sponsor website or link.

How it Works



See an Example of an Always-On Event

Always-on events are easy to build. Use the above link 👆 to interact with the example used in this email, or hit the link below 👇 to chat with one of our customer service experts and get a guided walkthrough on creating an always-on virtual or hybrid event.

Talk to an Expert About All of the Features

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