Power User Series (#1) - Related Links

Sometimes improving user experience is as simple as pointing your audience in the right direction. When you use Glisser, you are giving your audience the most intuitive and interactive experience possible.

Mark Simeon, September 30, 2020

Related Links

Here are a few examples of how you can use the Related Links feature to:

👉 Deliver relevant content
💰 Promote sponsor websites
📥 Encourage email list or demo signups

First and most simply, hit your audience with the content they are most interested in. If they have just finished viewing a session on the efficient methods for improving ecommerce, direct them to your latest blog on the same topic, or give them the extra option to view your webinar that covers ecom.

How it Works

Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 12.59.28 AM

In this example, perhaps you have a sponsor or partner page that operates in this field (e.g. ecom). You can also use this feature to determine the success of clickthroughs by seeing how many users clicked and which button they selected. 


Lastly, email lists and demos are perfect for building the strength of your funnel. A related link to an email signup or a free demo is an easy way to maximize the functionality of the related links feature.

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