Power User Series (#3) - Renaming Tabs

Welcome to part three of the Glisser Power User blog. In this series, we'll share how to harness ALL of the potent features to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for your virtual, in-person, or hybrid event or meeting.

Mark Simeon, October 14, 2020

Feature: Renaming Tabs

Did you know that you can rename and reorder tabs in Glisser?

It sounds simple, because it is – but it can make a significant difference in ease of use and successful audience engagement.

Tabs can be changed at the event level (i.e. rename "rooms" as "streams") or the at session level (i.e. rename "Q&A" as "Chat").


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Why is Renaming Tabs useful?


We're seeing customers recognizing the flexibility of the product and pushing the use cases further and further, so wanted to give them even more customization options so they can make the experience for their attendees even clearer. 

Example uses:

  • "Q&A" might be used for "Chat"
  • "Related" could be "Topics" or in a virtual or hybrid world, "Topics" are often better named "On Demand" content
  • "Rooms" may be more familiar named as "Tracks" or "Streams"
  • In pharmaceutical or medical conferences, "Related Links" might be called "Reading Lists"

Additionally, the re-ordering allows organizers to emphasize use of one feature over another, by making it the default view when an audience member enters a session. For example, Twitter as the main view would encourage people to use this for social sharing, or Q&A as the default encourages more questions.

Here's a quick run-through on renaming tabs:

After logging into, create your presentation or select your presentation and click Edit Session.


Click Customize Audience Menu Bar


Rename and Reorder Tabs as desired, and then click Save


It’s as easy as that! (Attendee view below)


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