Power User Series (#10) - Gamification

As the event world transitions to hybrid and virtual spaces, it is important to find creative solutions that capture the essence of a live event. It is always difficult to encourage the same level of engagement and human connection through a video camera than face to face.

Mark Simeon, December 17, 2020


Gamification gives you the chance to engage your audience and have them interact with your session. Gamification revolves around 3 Cs - Competition, Collection, Chance. 

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Who doesn't love winning? Competition is a gamification technique that brings out everyone's competitive side in a fun and playful manner. In Glisser, it is as easy as setting up a quiz poll. Just ask a question and indicate what are the right answers by toggling it "Green" for correct and "Red" for incorrect. 

For a more open ended scenario, you can use the opinion or the open ended poll option in order to spark a debate. Help fuel an energetic conversation by using different polls to spark a desire to prove your point. 


You can easily increase your participation levels by giving people something to search for. Hide fun easter eggs for your attendees by dropping fun links and videos to incentivize exploration within your Glisser event! 

You can create a scavenger hunt of sorts or have "Hidden Questions" lost among the slides for your attendees to answer in your Q&A feed. You can find ways to help incite intrigue with funny questions being answered in Q&A encouraging people to join the conversation. Or even create a puzzle with your slides, where users would have to download slides for each "piece" of the puzzle to put together after your event. 


Prizes are one of the easiest way to incentivize your audience is to give them prizes. The only question is how do you choose the winners? To ensure a fair and transparent process for giving out prizes, Glisser has developed a new lottery feature that randomly chooses up to 10 unique audience members to win. 

This can also be used in many creative ways--choose who starts your icebreaker or reward feedback. You can choose to do the lottery for those who submitted a survey to help encourage participation. 

When hosting virtual and hybrid meetings, it's important to realize that there is only so much time someone can spend staring at a screen. That being said, as host it is imperative to make the most out of your audiences time and engage them the best you can. Supercharge your events and remember the three C's of gamification: Competition, Collection, and Chance. 

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