Power User Series (#6) - Monetization

Here we will discuss the myriad options for MONETIZATION within the Glisser platform. Obviously virtual events are an important way to stay connected to audiences and clients whilst dealing with the restrictions of the global pandemic, but you must also consider the ways in which to secure cash flow for your stakeholders.

Mark Simeon, November 5, 2020

Opportunities for Monetization
with Hybrid and Virtual Events

When we are thinking of the monetary value or avenues for event ROI, there are three main areas of consideration:

💡 Thought Leadership
📊 Lead Generation
💎 Brand Positioning
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Thought Leadership


Here are just a few ideas for turning your own thought leadership into revenue.

  • Incorporate a sponsor as a part of the content itself
  • Live Q&A sessions featuring or moderated by a paying sponsor
  • Access to polling and Q&A with a thought leadership focus in order to question people about crucial content challenges
  • Videos featuring educational content that can be uploaded in all 'rooms'
  • Include pre-access and post-access marketing materials, positioned as a thought leader

Lead Generation


Building healthy leads can set your company up for a lifetime of success. Some examples of lead gen could include:

  • Polls around who would like a demo/further information (get details of all who said yes please)
  • Lists of on who has entered which room (e.g. get a list of who went into a certain content room, or sponsor room)
  • Lists of who attended within a certain time frame
  • Lists of most engaged attendees, based on how active they were within the platform

Diving into the Glisser analytics dashboard may provide valuable data to learn what other opportunities you may be missing, as well as what content your attendees are most engaged with! We will further explore analytics features later in this series.

Screen Shot 2020-09-17 at 11.57.32 PM-1

Watch a 3 min video on setting up your virtual sponsor area.

Brand Positioning

Lastly, use brand positioning to elevate the sponsor visibility and opportunities for your audience to engage. Here are some good examples of ways to use brand positioning:

  • Create a Sponsor Room filled with custom content for that sponsor, including logos, videos, links, or other informative materials.
  • Featured the brands in related links and related content  
  • Create a welcome video for each event
  • Host general videos in each room
  • Ensure the proper logos are added into all content, across entire virtual space
  • Use the lottery tool to give away a freebie to attendees (multiple times!)

Stay tuned for part 7 of the Glisser Power User series or talk to a Glisser expert about all of the capabilities of the platform today!


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