Power User Series (#12) - Selecting the Right Streaming Option

How do you choose the right streaming option for your virtual event or hybrid conference?

Mark Simeon, January 21, 2021

Conferencing vs. Broadcasting

Glisser has many options for you to show a live feed of your speaker to your audience. Conferencing generally refers to tools like Jitsi and Zoom where all attendees log in and share either their audio, video, or both in order to communicate with each other. Conferencing platforms are now commonplace as the world moves toward hybrid and virtual events. 

While it may feel strange at first, it will help your audience listen and engage with you. Additionally, your slides will still be available on the side of the screen with the ability to zoom in to enlarge them. 

Think of it like a face to face conversation - you want your attendees to listen and engage and make eye contact with you, not just stare at their screen! 

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Simplifying the Audience Experience

When directly embedding Zoom or Jitsi or any conferencing platform into Glisser, audiences will need to connect via audio or video. While this is great for making an engaging and connected session, it is not necessary for every use case. 

That being said, conferencing platforms embed an interface into Glisser to allow attendees to control their settings.  Due to this interface, conferencing platforms should always have "Livestreaming" be the default view because putting it as the smaller view makes it harder for attendees to access conferencing settings. For this same reason, Zoom restricts their embed meetings to a "Speaker View" format


Broadcasting on the other hand, simplifies the audience experience. Attendees will not be given a chance to join on audio or video--allowing you more customization options and a cleaner view. In this case you can toggle the default view to be "Slides" and not "Livestreaming" as well as present your speakers in "Gallery View" and not "Speaker View".

Broadcasting can be daunting, but offers a great opportunity for you to give a great attendee experience that is clean and visually appealing when used. Learn more about your broadcasting options by booking a demo with one of our product experts! 

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