Stepping Off the Microsoft Rocket Ship

Last Friday we said our fond farewells to the team at the Microsoft London Accelerator. Being selected back in February 2016 meant we’ve spent a year under the wing of one of the world’s largest tech companies, and one highly relevant to what we do here at Glisser.

Mike Piddock, March 10, 2017

The experience was immensely helpful, with technical, product-fit and occasionally moral support from Microsoft adding real value and transforming Glisser from a ‘start-up’ to a ‘scale-up’.

On the development side, Microsoft have been very important in helping us beef up our security to true ‘Enterprise’ standards, guiding us in to lay the important technical foundations for a robust large business, and linking us with the right teams to deliver our PowerPoint Add-in. All of this has and will directly benefit our clients, now and in the future. And there’s plenty more to come soon. 

I intend to write another blog on the mentorship and training sessions that have been particularly useful in developing the product and winning new clients, including some of Microsoft’s biggest customers. But, suffice to say, there are powerful network effects when you team up with a tech juggernaut that has its Office software on over 1 billion user machines (even if their team does love to pose for photographs…)


Glisser is now South of the River

Now with offices in New York and Seattle, and a growing team here in London, it was time to move on and find our own space. We opted for an office South of the River at London Bridge, which means fewer taxis available for those late night coding sessions, but excellent food to fuel them, from nearby Borough Market.

met.jpgThe best news, for our clients, is the uber-cool breakout and entertainment space that we share with our landlords, MET Studio – also “event-tech” in some sense… We are using it already, running a series of intimate ‘Event Professional Tech Workshops’, covering a range of topics at sensible times for busy event professionals – stay tuned for the full list of events.


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