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Product Update, January 2017

Here’s a quick summary of some of the things we added to our product over the last few months.

Sammy Deveille, January 30, 2017

Every single one of these ideas was developed in conjunction with one of our clients to solve a specific need, or based upon feedback from their customers. Our development is always designed to solve real client challenges, rather than just creating technology for technology’s sake.

We’re always interested in your views about where we should take our technology next…

#1: Improved notepad


Delegates love getting the slides and notes in one place – much easier to use and share after the event. We’ve improved the link between notes and relevant slides, so they can find their thoughts faster.

#2: Beautiful, customized polls


Select any background image you like to create the best-looking, most on-brand polling solution on the planet.

#3: Flexible ways to answer


Want to give your audience an opt out? Want your class to be able to change their responses as you teach them. Now possible – giving you control of your session.

#4: Glisser Enterprise / Glisser Education


One platform, two options. To reflect the unique demands of the classroom, we’ve developed an EDU-focused solution that is tailored to educators and designed to meet their specific needs.

#5: Audience event view


With Glisser being used at larger and more complex events, we wanted to keep the user experience simple. Event view gives your delegates a intuitive, fully brandable, totally searchable, mobile optimized agenda, so they can navigate around your content quickly.

#6: Event interaction defaults

2017-01-Changelog-07Running a multi-presentation event and want to apply consistent settings across the lot? Now everything can be set up in seconds.

#7: Powerpoint Plugin: convert existing slides into polls


If you’ve previously created your polls as PowerPoint, convert them into interactive polls, fully sharable to all smart devices, in just a few clicks.

#8: Improved training tips

2017-01-Changelog-06Sometimes we all need a little prompt to remember how things work. We’ve added some simple training tips – just tap H in present mode to bring these up.

#9: Download prompt

2017-01-Changelog-09It’s important to get your content into the hands of as many people as possible, and encourage delegates to share with their colleagues when back at the office. We’ve added download prompts which maximize your chances of spreading your message far and wide.
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