Tom DallyJanuary 12, 2018
The Best PowerPoint Alternatives in 2018
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A recent poll indicated that Microsoft PowerPoint is as popular with younger tech-savvy individuals as it is with Baby Boomers. With hundreds of millions of users worldwide, it has been the dominant player in the market for the past two decades. Now don’t get us wrong, we’re big fans of PowerPoint, but having a couple PowerPoint alternatives up your professional sleeve is never a bad thing.

Here are our 10 PowerPoint alternatives to bolster your presenting arsenal for 2018.

Check out our Infographic as well: The PowerPoint Alternatives Universe


#1 SlideShare

Whilst not specifically a PowerPoint alternative, SlideShare is a great way to get your existing content online. Users can upload their presentations on PowerPoint, PDF or OpenDocument format. With an estimated 60 million monthly visitors to their website, it’s a fantastic medium for getting your content out there, in addition to sharing it with your LinkedIn audience.

#2 Prezi

Describing Prezi as a PowerPoint alternative is possibly not doing it justice in the sense that it offers something totally distinctive. Prezi’s dynamic pan and zoom functionality enable presenters to marry higher lever analysis with the finer details painting an intricate canvas. Prezi enables audiences to go on a fluid journey through content akin to the transition from photography to motion pictures. If you’re looking for a PowerPoint alternative that’ll create a memorable and lasting impression on your audience, Prezi is your tool!

#3 Haiku Deck

Hailed as the “Instagram for pitch desks” by Mashable, Haiku Deck is a PowerPoint alternative that focuses on simple, visual image based presentations. Haiku Deck focuses on the best practices that presentation expert adhere to avoid death by PowerPoint. If you’re in looking to produce largely visual slides with limited text, quickly and efficiently, then Haiku Deck is a fantastic PowerPoint alternative for you. Plus, you can save your deck as a PowerPoint file meaning it works with Glisser!

#4 Visme

Visme enables professionals and novices alike to create striking impressive presentations with set templates and customisable features. You can add third-party content and presentations can be published online, embedded to a website, shared on social media or downloaded as a PDF to then drop straight into Glisser!

#5 Glisser

Naturally, when discussing PowerPoint alternatives for 2018 we’d include ourselves. Glisser is an interactive, web-based presentation software removing the need to download an app. By removing this barrier to entry for audiences, Glisser boosts audience engagement and participation levels leading to more impactful presentations. Complementing many alternative solutions – from PowerPoint and beyond - users can integrate live polls, audience Q&A and Twitter feeds whilst viewing the content from their smartphones.

#6 Pickit

Most people go to their browser and search for images, but if you’re looking to spruce up your presentation with unique images quickly and effortlessly, Pickit is a handy tool. As a PowerPoint plug-in, you can use PickIt to create meaningful and memorable presentations without ever having to leave Microsoft PowerPoint. Kiss goodbye to those dull and predictable images that you’ve seen a thousand times!

#7 Slidebean

Slidebean’s ease of use and availability of professional, ready-made templates makes it a valuable PowerPoint alternative. By taking care of the design element, even users with no design skills can create striking and impressive presentations. Once created, presentations can be accessed via a link enabling audiences to view at their convenience.

#8 Google Slides

If you’re constantly on the go and always using different devices to create or tweak presentations, Google Slides is a formidable PowerPoint alternative. As a cloud-based PowerPoint alternative, Google Slides requires no software installation and can be easily shared with colleagues, so if accessibility and collaboration are important factors for you, Google Slides is a useful option.

#9 Canva

Canva’s focus is on visuals. Much like Haiku Deck, Canva’s advantage as a PowerPoint alternative is in its simplicity. This great news if you have to produce a presentation at the last minute but still value aesthetics. Powerful features such as a user-friendly drag-and-drop design tool and a bursting library of photos, graphics and fonts, Canva everyone covered, from conception to execution.

As you can download your content as a PDF, you drop it into Glisser to make your presentation interactive and engaging for your audience.

#10 Keynote

True to Apple’s principles, Keynote is a PowerPoint alternative that creates sleek, polished and powerful presentations. With an array of templates and a simple user interface, Keynote put design at the forefront of your presentation. The ability to export to PDF format means… well, you know what to do!

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