Tom P's First Week at Glisser

Wondering what your first week is like at a fast paced scale up? Tom recently joined our expanding Client Services Team. His first week was definitely not a typical new joiner week...

Tom Pettitt, September 12, 2018

The first day at a new job comes with the usual combination of nerves and excitement, especially given the opportunities available at Glisser and this was no different. As I fumbled around with the unfamiliar key code at the gate I wondered what would lie in store for me, hopefully for years to come. A few hours and a hearty meal at Honest Burger later any fears I had were erased as it became apparent that Glisser’s tight knit and friendly team had made me feel hugely welcome.


I was also starting my Glisser journey with two new Client Services Managers and we all found our calendars full with meetings as the impressive product was explained to us. As we would be providing on-site support to our clients, not to mention guiding them through using the product it is vital that we quickly got to grips with the features and the backend. It was great getting a chance to play around with the product and finding out which events we had been allocated to for the upcoming weeks. I am eager to get my first event under my belt and experience first hand what the job is all about.

After a couple of days learning about the product me and my fellow newbies were told we would need to give a training session to test just how much we had learnt. This was the first proper assignment I had been set and naturally I was keen to demonstrate that I had absorbed at least some knowledge since starting. We spent a lot of time making sure we knew the ins and the outs of how everything worked and Jade’s presentation set the standard high. Fortunately, mine went well without any major hitches and I was happy that I was starting to become familiar with the processes integrated with Glisser.  

Another great perk of joining Glisser is just how close Borough Market is, which ensures that there is always fantastic food options available when the budget permits. It is nice to be able to spend lunchtime by the Thames and appreciate what a nice part of London the office is in. Living in Bermondsey; I am also very appreciative of the fact I can now walk to work and avoid the commuting nightmares that I have previously endured (picture changing at London Bridge during peak times).

The highlight of the week came in the form of the Event Tech Games where we met fellow event tech company NoodleLive in Bethnal Green (the scene of many great sporting events) and faced off in a number of sporting contests. As the drinks flowed the competition became increasingly serious, culminating in relay involving space hoppers, a falafel and spoon race (the eggs had been broken by this point) and a quick drink. With Noodle deemed to have neglected the drinking aspect a penalty shootout style free throw contest took place. Having been terrible in the same event hours earlier it was surprising that I managed to get mine in and Mike was able to ensure the trophy remained in the hands of Glisser. This was a hugely fun day out and it was great to get the chance to mix with another company in the industry. I am already looking forward to beating them again next year.

If you're interested in finding out more about what its like to work for a fast paced scale-up, we have a couple positions open. Find them here!

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