Transforming Existing Video into Valuable Lead Gen Content

The rise in virtual events over the last two years means we have hours of great video content at our fingertips – but how can we make it work hard generating leads, year-round?

Amy Jordan, January 16, 2023

During a recent webinar we asked the audience how they currently re-purpose event recordings - the overwhelming majority said they simply leave the event open for on-demand viewers. But there are many cost effective ways to extend the life of these events, boosting engagement and ROI.

In December 2022, Glisser founder Mike Piddock hosted a video masterclass with Tom Zampini from GoodWork (who specialize in brand, video, and content production), and Ben Mooney, our head of product who recently launched Glisser’s new on-demand content hub.

Here are their top tips to help you maximise lead generation from your existing video assets:

Identify your objectives

During the live event, the objective of the video is simply to convey the content in real time, to those who can't physically be there. But post-event, what is your primary reason for sharing it? Is it to convert more customers, drive employee engagement, build brand affinity, build awareness on social media…? 

It could be a mixture, so put a strategy in place to achieve this, and hire a creative team to edit the content to maximize effectiveness for different goals and channels.

Create a ‘TV’ experience

There are lots of creative opportunities to enhance the viewing experience above and beyond a straight video feed. Adding motion graphics, incorporating slides directly into the feed, or using transitions, consistent colouring and adding music are all great options to take it up a level and help you stand out from competing media.

Use the highlights to drive views of the main event

In addition to a great edit on the long form video, shorter versions are the key to driving more views/leads. Tell the story in 60 seconds or less to create a truly engaging piece of content that ultimately becomes the trailer for the main event. Two popular options:

  • The ‘sizzle’ or highlights reel - show off the key moments in a fast-moving, high-energy way that teases the audience and inspires them to watch the main event.
  • The ‘cut down’s - present a key event highlight, like a great panel session that took place, with added graphics, music or calls to action, again linking back to the main event.
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Display videos in an easily consumable format

Create a dedicated content hub to showcase all your archived event content in one place, in a familiar, easily searchable format. Glisser’s new content hub enables you to quickly transition live events and their content into something much more usable for the on-demand audience.

A dedicated hub instantly extends the life and relevancy of your events, by removing the traditional rigid structure of rooms, dates and time slots. You can arrange videos by topic or importance, and it's easily searchable too. You can even bring hundreds of events together in one place, to build a community for your target audience. 

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Optimize your on-demand hub for lead capture

Go beyond basic video sharing and incorporate the slides or other presentation content, and use polls and engagement tools just as you would for the live event.

This encourages participation and makes it easy to gather new data, while repurposing old content - saving you time and money. The outcome is a community and data set that could potentially be monetized or sponsored too.

Data including what they watched, the slides they downloaded or how they answered polls is all easily accessible in the event analytics as usual, and can be exported for efficient follow up. 

Boost your SEO

A customizable content hub like Glisser’s can be easily embedded into your website to help boost traffic. The design and navigation has been kept minimal to ensure compatibility, and you have full control over backgrounds and accent colours.

Topics and session descriptions should incorporate your most important keywords that target your desired audience. 

Watch the masterclass for more advice on transforming video into lead gen assets that work. With events and marketing professionals potentially facing reduced budgets this year, re-purposing event video is a great way to save time and money on your content strategy - while enabling you to gather new data sets and build communities.

Presentation and data capture potential + the best quality video = attention

We’re working with GoodWork to bring these two core pillars together for event profs to turn existing video into really valuable lead gen content that works. Book a demo to learn more at 

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