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Twitter Walls (or Tweet Walls as they are sometimes known) are effective tools for increasing engagement and building social media amplification at an event.
Mike Piddock :: September 26, 2017
The goal of many events is to impart knowledge to an audience, effectively. But it doesn't have to be boring, interactive quizzes are the answer...
Mike Piddock :: September 19, 2017
We’ve had a quick think about how could the new iPhone X features could enhance your meetings and conferences.
Mike Piddock :: September 13, 2017
Apple has restricted white-label events apps – what does it mean for event professionals?
Mike Piddock :: September 6, 2017
Have you heard about the EU's new General Data Protection Regulation? Have you been thinking; does GDPR have anything to do with Marketing? Well, find out here
Guest Author :: June 7, 2017
GDPR is a hot topic, and with the regulation coming into play next year, we explain what GDPR means for marketers and event profs. Including a free checklist.
Mike Piddock :: April 26, 2017
Creating event feedback forms is about finding the right balance in questions and timing. Here we provide some guidance on the mistakes you should avoid.
Mike Piddock :: February 21, 2017
You’ve likely seen the adverts for online events courses and may have wondered what it’s all about. EventTrix explain in this guest post.
Guest Author :: December 9, 2016
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