Mike PiddockAugust 11, 2017
Picture Polls: Taking audience response to the next level
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Research by Buffer suggests Tweets with images receive 18% more clicks, 89% more favourites and 150% more retweets. Meanwhile, Instagram and Snap’s image-driven networks are bossing the social media world.

Images are more evocative, interesting and pleasing.

So here at Glisser we’ve taken live-polling to the next level, with the introduction of picture polling.

We believe that Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) cloud-enabled platforms are seeing away with ancient clicker-based audience response systems, and this could be the final nail in the coffin. Why go through the hassle of distributing and collecting hardware, creating a local network, and employing people to manage all this, only to present your delegates with graphics that were best left in the 80s?

Instead, let your creativity go wild with the ability to add any image, including animated GIFs, and have your audience vote on those. Photos, logos, memes – the possibilities are endless.

To kick things off, the Glisser team have been playing around with the new feature for a bit of Friday Fun. We’ve pasted their creation below… 

CEO Mike celebrating London Beer City Week with his passion for all things crafty...


Our Scouse marketing manager Oliver lamenting today's transfer news...


Customer success manager Kathleen's reponse to polls about beer and football...


Jordan (or 'Joey' as he's known) celebrating his heritage...


Simon, our designer, adding a bit of Italian flair to the proceedings...


CTO Sammy providing some developer in-jokes...


Business developer Ben showing us his sensitive side...


Head of Glisser USA Meaghan letting us know how well travelled she is...


We'd love to see your creations. Take a screengrab and send them to team@glisser.com


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