GDPR for Events - FAQs

A collection of short video clips and associated transcripts from our GDPR for Events session, originally broadcast using Glisser LIVE.

Seven Tips for Better Presentation Slide Design

Presentations are too often monotonous and rarely look professional. Use these seven tips to ensure your next PowerPoint presentation looks as good as your content sounds!

How Event Software Integrations Can Help You Build the Ultimate Event Stack

Event software integrations are key to building the ultimate event technology stack. In this blog post, we’ll look at the three main types of integrations and how they can be leveraged to drive event success.

How hybrid events beat the Beast from the East

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple weeks, you will no doubt be aware of ‘the Beast from the East’. This was the phrase given to blisteringly cold and wintry conditions that swept the UK recently.

Slide Sharing in a Distracted World

In an era where many audiences are being pulled in 100 different directions be it from social media, work emails or the 24/7 news cycle, creating an engaging and captivating presentation that retains the attention of your audience is essential to the success of the event.

The Best PowerPoint Alternatives in 2018

A recent poll indicated that Microsoft PowerPoint is as popular with younger tech-savvy individuals as it is with Baby Boomers. With hundreds of millions of users worldwide, it has been the dominant player in the market for the past two decades. Now don’t get us wrong, we’re big fans of PowerPoint, but having a couple presentation substitutes up your professional sleeve is never a bad thing.

How to Combine Tech and Smart Meeting Design to help Determine your Company Values

The Glisser team recently camped out at Bold Venues in Shoreditch under the ‘2018 and Beyond’ theme – an offsite meeting with the aim of developing our core ‘Company Values’ and discussing our culture.

Using Glisser Interactive Quizzes to Boost Booth Traffic

Recently we exhibited at Event-Tech Live - our fourth year at a conference that is fast becoming a mainstay of the European Event Tech scene. As well as a ferociously bright orange carpet, we also set up a little something else to catch the attendees’ eye - an interactive quiz.

Training Session Gamification Ideas and Best Practices

According to one poll, 70% of employees are not engaged in their job. Disengagement is more likely to result in low morale, poor performance, and eventual turnovers. Managers and HR staff need to keep their workforce engaged in order to produce a desirable output. One way to do this is through team building events with gamification in place.

Another significant boost for web-based event apps?

An article caught my eye this week, because if the rumours are true the implications could be huge for the event app industry.

What's going on? An event tech perspective

I've been in the Event Tech industry some eight years now. I use the term ‘tech’ a little loosely, as when first entered the industry people had just realised that printing tickets on-site was more efficient (and of course significantly cheaper) than sending out thousands of pre-printed tickets through Royal Mail. That was about as good as it got.

Getting the most out of Glisser

With over 10,000 presenters and event managers using the Glisser platform, we thought it would be useful to pull together a few tips and tricks to help you get the most out of our software.

Twitter Walls are a no-brainer for conference centres

I recently presented back-to-back sessions at the International Association of Conference Centres (IACC) Europe Knowledge Festival, on the subject of Event Return on Investment (ROI).

Using interactive quizzes to make training sessions engaging

A significant number of events or meetings have the primary function of teaching. Whether it’s a university lecture, an internal training session, or a business educating its customers about a new product, the goal is to impart knowledge to an audience, effectively.

5 iPhone X features Event Professionals will love

With Apple announcing its latest iPhone this week, including a major redesign and raft of new features, we’ve had a quick think of how the changes help event professionals, and how you could enhance your meetings and conferences.

The Event App Clone Wars

Since Apple declared it was ‘cleaning up’ the Apple Store on June 5th, banning ‘clone’ apps, numerous industry commentators (and app suppliers) have commented on the implications in the event tech space.

5 GDPR Questions to Ask Your Event Tech Provider

Baffled by GDPR? Scared by talk of £17 million fines? Not sure where to start when it comes to collecting compliant data at your events?

How to Use Event Apps to Generate Extra Revenue

The event app has for a long time been the jack-of-all-trades solution in the event manager's armoury. They allow for lead registration, audience engagement, and act as a virtual agenda for audiences to reference. Safe to say, they’re a valuable addition to most conferences.

5 Quick Psychology Hacks to Boost Your Next Presentation

For some people, giving a presentation is as easy as pie, they find it exciting and in many cases liberating. But, then there are others, who consider giving a presentation in front an audience, nothing less than a nightmare.

Picture Polls: Taking audience response to the next level

Research by Buffer suggests Tweets with images receive 18% more clicks, 89% more favourites and 150% more retweets. Meanwhile, Instagram and Snap’s image-driven networks are bossing the social media world.

A holistic approach to your event marketing strategy

With the exponential rise of experiential marketing campaigns in recent years, brands and event marketers alike will be more than familiar with the vital role that marketing plays in carrying out a successful event. And with the run-up to and follow-up of, an event just as important as the actual campaign period itself, forming a holistic approach to event marketing is fundamental.

July Product Update

Our mission at Glisser is simple: to improve the exchange of information when people come together.

How Universities Can Meet The Digital Expectations of Students

Cohort by cohort, higher education students are becoming more digitally proficient. Today’s students use intuitive apps to perform all sorts of day-to-day activities, from ordering lunch to banking or finding a lift home.

The Black Hole of Event Data

From the minute you identify someone as a potential attendee for your event, marketing technology allows you to track many of their interactions with your brand. From the amount of visits on your website, through the registration process, open-rates on upsell emails pre-conference, to the onsite badging and registration process.

How to Engage the Classroom with Technology

In January, we shared an article on our blog titled 5 Student Engagement Tips to Kick-Start 2017. This time, we're back to share 5 more methods to help you engage the classroom, with a specific focus on how educators can use technology to enhance learning and boost student interaction.

Does GDPR have anything to do with Marketing?

As a Head of Marketing I have been surprised by the number of times that the term GDPR, which stands for the General Data Protection Regulation, has popped up in my LinkedIn timeline. The initials are not ones that I remember being talked about when I did my marketing training, and they don’t seem connected with the current buzz words to do with Brexit, #GE2017 or any of the other hashtags that seem to fill my social media feeds.

Event Review: The Impact of GDPR on Marketers & Event Profs

May 25th 2017 marked exactly one year until the GDPR regulations come into effect. These changes to data protection laws will fundamentally alter the way businesses can capture and store people’s personal information.

The Critical Role Data Capture Plays in GDPR

The aim of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is to give individuals control over how their personal data is used. One of the key aspects is ‘transparency’ over why data is collected, what will be done with it and the rights an individual has.

A Conversation about Student Response Systems

Mike Piddock and Steve New first met nearly 20 years ago. Mike was a first year undergraduate, starting a degree at Hertford College, Oxford in Economics and Management; Steve was a young academic, and one of Mike’s tutors. In the intervening years Mike has become Founder and CEO of Glisser, an award-winning event-technology business.

What does GDPR mean for Marketers and Event Professionals?

GDPR. It’s the acronym on every CTO’s mind at the moment, and causing widespread panic in the marketing world, yet we’ve seen very little out there in the way of advice for the increasingly international marketing & event industry explaining what the new data privacy and protection regulations will mean for marketers and event planners.

30 Years Strong – Microsoft PowerPoint Turns 30 Today

I guess you’ve heard of PowerPoint? Well if not, I suggest you go and have a long hard look at yourself in the mirror. PowerPoint has dominated the presentation market for years, and today (20th April 2017) it turns 30 years old.

Using EdTech to Solve a Psychological Problem

Have you ever asked yourself how you could engage your students better? How could I get them to be just a little bit more interested? Or even, how do I get them off their damn phones?

Event Data and Why You Need It

Confused by all this talk of event data and ROI? Not sure how to gather it or why it’s important? Trying to work out what event tech package to use? Don’t worry. Our team at Noodle Live are massive geeks when it comes to all things data. We also love talking – a lot, so we’re happy to give you the lowdown.

How to Improve the Effectiveness of NHS Meetings & Events

Through our recent experience working with the National Health Service, it’s clear that exceptional audience engagement is a key factor for success at their live events.

Event ROI: A Template & Effective Attribution Model

One of the main challenges when calculating event return on investment (“Event ROI”) is attribution. That is, “to what extent can we prove that this event directly led to this result?”

Stepping Off the Microsoft Rocket Ship

Last Friday we said our fond farewells to the team at the Microsoft London Accelerator. Being selected back in February 2016 meant we’ve spent a year under the wing of one of the world’s largest tech companies, and one highly relevant to what we do here at Glisser.

9 Mistakes to Avoid When Crafting the Best Event Feedback Forms

Creating and successfully using awesome event feedback forms is a skill in itself. It’s about finding the right balance between insightful questions, perfect timing and technology to make the process as effective as possible.

Bett 2017, Day 3 - Highlights and Roundup

Day three of the Bett conference was the most exciting yet. We heard from a long list of notable speakers including Sir Ken Robinson and Heston Blumenthal. The common theme of the day was how do we make the education system more effective for our students?

Bett 2017, Day 2 - Speaker Insights

The second day of BETT had too many great talks for one person to possibly hope to attend. With speakers ranging from British TV’s very own Sir Tony Robinson, to Lord Jim Knight compering with Glisser in TES’s School Leaders Summit, there was educational knowledge and value to be gleaned aplenty.

Bett 2017, Day 1 - Our Thoughts from the Show

This year the Glisser team are running live audience engagement at four BETT stages, including the main arena. This is a great event for us – right in the sweet spot – as our technology works just as well in a 20 person classroom as a 35,000 delegate mega-conference.

Event Growth Hacking Tips

“Growth hacking” is seen as a cliche by many marketing professionals, but when you’re on a tight budget, it’s an excellent strategy to achieve fast, measurable success.

The Best PowerPoint Alternatives in 2017

Effective presentation skills reduce miscommunication, which is likely the biggest cause of work-related stress. Better presentation skills also reduces the stress on presenters which means they will be more willing to present and more effective with their communication. (George Torok)

5 Student Engagement Tips to Kick-Start 2017

Cue the least surprising statement to begin our sequence of #StudentEngagement blog articles for 2017: ‘the more times students spend engaged during instruction, the more they learn.’ (Gettinger & Ball, 2007)

Using Instagram to Boost your Event Promotion in 2017

Your initial thoughts on Instagram may relate to your own personal accounts; used to share pictures of your latest sumptuous dinner plate, or that amazing view stumbled upon after a wintery walk last weekend. But think again…

E-Learning and Technology: New Event Professionals

You’ve likely seen the adverts for online events courses, and may have wondered what it’s all about. The prices are good, the courses are targeted to your area of interest, it’s convenient and accessible – it almost looks too good to be true! But the benefits of e-learning are undeniable, and event professionals have discovered that virtual classrooms are the way to go when it comes to career training and skill development.

The Rise of the Trees

The world’s relationship with paper is not a healthy one. U.S. businesses use approximately four million tons of paper every year … That’s over 68,000,00 trees. Just think for a second how much that it is. Although hard to imagine, paper consumption is a genuine concern to the world’s future health.

Electrifying Day at Event Tech Live and the Event Tech Awards

Once again we were invited to exhibit at Event Tech Live, Europe’s first conference and exhibition for event professionals with an interest in technology. ETL is the event of the year for event tech professionals as it provides a unique platform to learn about this ever expanding sector and as a result it is an absolute pleasure to be a part of. With over 60 exhibitors set up in the quirky Old Truman Brewery, the atmosphere was buzzing.

How to Instantly Improve Your Event Marketing Metrics

The event industry is booming; it generates £20.6 billion GVA in the UK alone. But why are we all turning to events and what should we get out of them?

A Simple Way to Think About Event Return On Investment

Before I started Glisser I spent 12 years running marketing teams. And in that time I saw the perception of marketing change from colouring pencils and parties, to being digitised and data-driven. No longer sales-support, but a strategic function at the heart of the world’s best businesses.

9 Interactive Slideshow Moves Every Presenter Should Make

The term ‘audience engagement’ has become the ultimate buzzword, it’s splashed all over event blogs. But what does it actually mean? Engagement means that the audience interacts with the content; is this either by listening and digesting or actually through an exchange?

5 Ways to Boost Audience Interaction at Events

Whether organising a business dinner, conference or promotional activity, event planners are utilising bold techniques bolstered by the latest technology in order to ensure attendees get the most out of an event. With an increasing focus on achieving event ROI and ‘success’, it is becoming more widely accepted to improve audience engagement by involving delegates throughout the experience: before, during and after their attendance

Taming the Elephant: Revolutionising the Events Industry

The start-up life is all about innovating, releasing products to market quickly, and then iterating based upon customer feedback. In event-tech, things are a little more complicated because our industry is very much ‘live’ – if the technology doesn’t just work, it rarely gets a second chance. No wonder PowerPoint has stayed Number 1 for so long.

A great day for Glisser at the Event Organisers Summit

What a great start to the week for everyone at Glisser. First we have the amazing news on TechCrunch on Monday morning about the recent funding and the new PowerPoint add-in. Then Rebecca and I attended the Event Organisers Summit and got to mingle with our events industry peers.

Techniques for Overcoming Presentation Nerves

Presenting can be an incredibly nerve wracking experience, it can control your whole body and put you in shutdown mode.

Can Snapchat Really Be Used as a Business Tool?

Snapchat has shaken up the world: injecting raw, instant uploads into the social media sphere. So why is it not treated with the same respect as other platforms in the corporate world?

How To Set Up Events That are Lead Generating Machines

We all want more friends. Some find making friends a piece of cake; for others, it is their worst nightmare. For event planners, ensuring networking happens at events is a must to increase attendance. Making this happen is a daunting task … or is it? We explain how the event planner’s job can be made easier.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Presentation

Presentations are a reflection of you as a person, and of your business. A poor presentation can be detrimental to future business deals and growth. So why are so many people still producing bad presentations?

The Dreaded Question: A Presenter's Worst Nightmare

It’s the end of your event. You’ve been speaking for a while. Your mouth is dry and you want to go home. But no; the worst is yet to come...

How to Use Prisma to Make Your PowerPoint Less Cringeworthy

One of the most time-consuming parts of creating an effective and impactful PowerPoint presentation is sourcing visuals. You know the feeling, you’ve slaved over the key messages and a Hollywood-perfect story arc, only for Google image search to bring up terrible clichés, shockingly naff stock photography and graphical devices that should have been left in the 90s.

The Reversercoaster: Life at a Startup

Working in a startup with entrepreneurs who’ve had the guts to go it alone is by no means a smooth ride. The unpredictability and fast-paced approach can leave you with no option but to think on your feet, and some days more often than not, you may find yourself on a turbulent path.

Go Big or Go Rural

Depending on the size and theme of your event, there is the unique possibility to choose out-of-city venues, creating a memorable experience which goes beyond the actual meeting.

Maximising the 3 Points of Event Delegate Engagement

Are Your Business Event Attendees Connected and Engaged?

How to market to marketers: Lessons from the B2B Marketing Summit

Two weeks ago, London’s Design Centre played host to the B2B Marketing Summit, bringing over 1000 buyers, suppliers and a plethora of speakers together. Cards were exchanged, networks were expanded and, at end of the day, champagne was extremely welcome.

1,000 Keys + 1 Lock = 1 B2B Marketing Success

We recently attended the brilliant B2B Marking Summit in London and received an excellent response from attendees using our platform. However, rather than the usual event summary blog we’d rather share the story of our stand’s lock box giveaway and the results we saw.

Stoke the Fire: 35 Questions to Get Your Panel Going

When putting on a panel event, there’s nothing worse than seeing your preparation culminate in deafening silence. Sometimes panelists will just need a few questions to get the conversation started, so we’ve created a handy cheat sheet to get your panel discussion going.

10 of the best PowerPoint alternatives in 2016

Presentations are a key part of education and business. Explaining an idea to a group, and increasingly gathering their feedback and viewpoints, is a crucial part of communication.
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