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Experienced Speakers Share Their Secrets for Hybrid & Virtual Event Success - Part 1

Prepping your industry and other non-professional speakers is crucial for your event’s success. Hybrid and virtual platforms have major similarities and differences for speakers, planners and producers. Here’s part one of my network’s best ideas.

How to Combat Video Conferencing Fatigue

With hybrid working here for the long-haul, leaders, marketers and communications teams need to rethink how they deliver to stakeholders in both the real and virtual worlds.

Press Release: Glisser announces Brightcove as a launch partner for Glisser Elements

Brightcove named a launch partner for Glisser Elements, the low-code solution for fully customizable virtual events that can be embedded anywhere.

Five Minutes With… Tom Mahon, Co-founder of London Filmed

Glisser’s chief evangelist Vanessa Lovatt interviewed Tom Mahon to learn more about the production essentials needed to deliver successful hybrid events.

The Future of Company Meeting Programs

Glisser's recent webinar determined that "company-wide ‘town hall’ meetings are the format most likely to remain virtual" as in-person meetings and events return.

Press Release: Glisser releases ‘Glisser Elements’ - a unique modular low-code solution to deliver totally bespoke virtual and hybrid events

Glisser Elements allows Enterprises, Agencies, Venues and AV Companies to embed secure modular events components anywhere in their own websites.

29 Black Leaders in Events You Should Follow

As Black History Month concludes, Glisser continues the conversation by acknowledging 29 black leaders in events that are making history right now. By Vanessa Lovatt & Nardos Abraham.

Why Today’s Event Attendees need Online Network Building, not Online 'Networking’…

Online attendees need great content and great choices. The leaders of the event pack will enable just this with engaging content delivery and high class attendee-2-attendee network building options.

6 Essential Elements of a Sustainable Event

With virtual event services now becoming the new normal, there are many interesting ways to make your event more sustainable without compromising cost-effectiveness.

A Question of Trust

ISO 27001 certified tech providers stand-out from the competition because they are best placed to help organizations protect their data assets and meet compliance objectives. This is particularly important for virtual events platforms who must be trusted to keep event data and content safe.
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