A Question of Trust

ISO 27001 certified tech providers stand-out from the competition because they are best placed to help organizations protect their data assets and meet compliance objectives. This is particularly important for virtual events platforms who must be trusted to keep event data and content safe.

Mike Fletcher, September 3, 2021

Trust is a big issue for tech providers. With text message and phone scammers so prevalent in today’s society, and with personal data such a prized commodity for criminals, the need to protect everyone who registers for a virtual or hybrid event is paramount.

Understandably, planners are turning to their platform suppliers for reassurance and evidence that strong data security measures are in place. However, this only goes part of the way to inspire trust.

These days (due in part to GDPR) event tech suppliers have to be able to answer the question: “How can we trust that our data, information and business assets are secure throughout your organization?”

The answer should always come in the form of three letters and five numbers - ISO 27001.

ISO 27001 certified tech providers stand-out from the competition because they are best placed to help organizations protect their data assets and meet compliance objectives.

ISO 27001 is challenging. It is an easy thing to commit to but a hard thing to complete. It requires commitment from every aspect of the organization (including C-suite, HR, IT, marketing and other departments) and is only effective if the culture shift that is necessary to embrace it is made.

The Standard is widely recognized as a data security framework, against which companies can check the trustworthiness of suppliers, business partners and customers when exchanging sensitive information.

It takes a risk-based approach to Information Security Management and addresses the specific security threats an organization may face - covering people, processes and technology.

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Information security of course, is not just about websites, emails and apps or the IT department. It is about everything in the organization such as data, processes and company-wide assets.

ISO 27001 requires re-certification checks, which ensures that nothing slips and that new threats and risks are always added to the management system. It’s not a tick-box exercise. Constantly reviewing and optimizing the ISMS (Information Security Management System) ensures ongoing maturity.

ISO 27001 proves to clients and potential clients that an event tech supplier not only takes information security seriously but that everyone in the organization is aware and that they have systems, processes, procedures and monitoring in place to make sure nothing can go wrong.

Certification is fundamentally about providing trust and confidence. Customers, business partners and shareholders want to be sure that the tech provider is not putting them or their businesses at risk. They want to know that appropriate safeguards are in place for their information and technology-enabled business assets.

Boards want this confidence, management want this confidence; and certification is a solid way of showing that an organization has invested and continues to invest to maintain appropriate levels of security, based on acknowledged risks.

Companies certified to ISO 27001 demonstrate that not only do they understand the importance of data security as required by law, but they have gone a lot further and fully immersed their whole organization in the issue.

Due to the certification being hard won and because it can be taken away, tech providers that have earned it are already a cut above their competitors. You can trust them and know that they will be with you every step of the way and most importantly, they will help you when you need it most.

Isn’t it time therefore that you make it a requirement that your chosen platform provider is certified to ISO 27001? Actually, you could be even more demanding and insist that any tech provider, who wishes to be in the running to win your business, must have the certification.

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