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GDPR for Events - FAQs

A collection of short video clips and associated transcripts from our GDPR for Events session, originally broadcast using Glisser LIVE.

Seven Tips for Better Presentation Slide Design

Presentations are too often monotonous and rarely look professional. Use these seven tips to ensure your next PowerPoint presentation looks as good as your content sounds!

How Event Software Integrations Can Help You Build the Ultimate Event Stack

Event software integrations are key to building the ultimate event technology stack. In this blog post, we’ll look at the three main types of integrations and how they can be leveraged to drive event success.

How to Combine Tech and Smart Meeting Design to help Determine your Company Values

The Glisser team recently camped out at Bold Venues in Shoreditch under the ‘2018 and Beyond’ theme – an offsite meeting with the aim of developing our core ‘Company Values’ and discussing our culture.

Twitter Walls are a no-brainer for conference centres

I recently presented back-to-back sessions at the International Association of Conference Centres (IACC) Europe Knowledge Festival, on the subject of Event Return on Investment (ROI).

Using interactive quizzes to make training sessions engaging

A significant number of events or meetings have the primary function of teaching. Whether it’s a university lecture, an internal training session, or a business educating its customers about a new product, the goal is to impart knowledge to an audience, effectively.

5 iPhone X features Event Professionals will love

With Apple announcing its latest iPhone this week, including a major redesign and raft of new features, we’ve had a quick think of how the changes help event professionals, and how you could enhance your meetings and conferences.

The Event App Clone Wars

Since Apple declared it was ‘cleaning up’ the Apple Store on June 5th, banning ‘clone’ apps, numerous industry commentators (and app suppliers) have commented on the implications in the event tech space.

Does GDPR have anything to do with Marketing?

As a Head of Marketing I have been surprised by the number of times that the term GDPR, which stands for the General Data Protection Regulation, has popped up in my LinkedIn timeline. The initials are not ones that I remember being talked about when I did my marketing training, and they don’t seem connected with the current buzz words to do with Brexit, #GE2017 or any of the other hashtags that seem to fill my social media feeds.

What does GDPR mean for Marketers and Event Professionals?

GDPR. It’s the acronym on every CTO’s mind at the moment, and causing widespread panic in the marketing world, yet we’ve seen very little out there in the way of advice for the increasingly international marketing & event industry explaining what the new data privacy and protection regulations will mean for marketers and event planners.

9 Mistakes to Avoid When Crafting the Best Event Feedback Forms

Creating and successfully using awesome event feedback forms is a skill in itself. It’s about finding the right balance between insightful questions, perfect timing and technology to make the process as effective as possible.

E-Learning and Technology: New Event Professionals

You’ve likely seen the adverts for online events courses, and may have wondered what it’s all about. The prices are good, the courses are targeted to your area of interest, it’s convenient and accessible – it almost looks too good to be true! But the benefits of e-learning are undeniable, and event professionals have discovered that virtual classrooms are the way to go when it comes to career training and skill development.

The Rise of the Trees

The world’s relationship with paper is not a healthy one. U.S. businesses use approximately four million tons of paper every year … That’s over 68,000,00 trees. Just think for a second how much that it is. Although hard to imagine, paper consumption is a genuine concern to the world’s future health.

Electrifying Day at Event Tech Live and the Event Tech Awards

Once again we were invited to exhibit at Event Tech Live, Europe’s first conference and exhibition for event professionals with an interest in technology. ETL is the event of the year for event tech professionals as it provides a unique platform to learn about this ever expanding sector and as a result it is an absolute pleasure to be a part of. With over 60 exhibitors set up in the quirky Old Truman Brewery, the atmosphere was buzzing.

5 Ways to Boost Audience Interaction at Events

Whether organising a business dinner, conference or promotional activity, event planners are utilising bold techniques bolstered by the latest technology in order to ensure attendees get the most out of an event. With an increasing focus on achieving event ROI and ‘success’, it is becoming more widely accepted to improve audience engagement by involving delegates throughout the experience: before, during and after their attendance

Taming the Elephant: Revolutionising the Events Industry

The start-up life is all about innovating, releasing products to market quickly, and then iterating based upon customer feedback. In event-tech, things are a little more complicated because our industry is very much ‘live’ – if the technology doesn’t just work, it rarely gets a second chance. No wonder PowerPoint has stayed Number 1 for so long.

A great day for Glisser at the Event Organisers Summit

What a great start to the week for everyone at Glisser. First we have the amazing news on TechCrunch on Monday morning about the recent funding and the new PowerPoint add-in. Then Rebecca and I attended the Event Organisers Summit and got to mingle with our events industry peers.

1,000 Keys + 1 Lock = 1 B2B Marketing Success

We recently attended the brilliant B2B Marking Summit in London and received an excellent response from attendees using our platform. However, rather than the usual event summary blog we’d rather share the story of our stand’s lock box giveaway and the results we saw.
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