Using Glisser Interactive Quizzes to Boost Booth Traffic

Recently we exhibited at Event-Tech Live - our fourth year at a conference that is fast becoming a mainstay of the European Event Tech scene. As well as a ferociously bright orange carpet, we also set up a little something else to catch the attendees’ eye - an interactive quiz.

Guest Author, November 28, 2017

Gamification is now being used by many companies across various industries to increase user/customer engagement and interaction. Yet gamification at event booths has been around for donkey’s years, because event professionals have known all along that people aren’t just corporate robots; given the chance, they love to play.

Having just added a ‘correct answer leaderboard’ to our existing quiz poll feature (which allows multiple choice voting on images as well as words) we couldn't miss the chance to try it out in a creative setting.


An audience response system using voting and polling gives the audience a voice, but a leaderboard instills a sense of competition. Add in some giveaways and you’ve got an incentive...

Here’s how it worked

We uploaded a series of picture polls into Glisser and ‘presented’ the entire series of quiz questions to the end, so they were fully unlocked and ready to be answered. We also included a free-text ‘tie-breaker’ in case of no outright winner.

Passing delegates were encouraged to access the quiz and participate on their own mobile devices, in three ways:

  • A simple short URL displayed above the leaderboard of current champions,
  • A QR code that when scanned took them straight to the quiz (useful now Google has added a QR reader into its Chrome browser)
  • The persuasion of our booth team, also wearing garish orange t-shirts

The leaderboard updated live as they answered each question, so they could see from their progression how many they were getting right. We ran the quiz throughout the day and handed out branded wireless chargers (compatible with the new iPhone and many Android devices) to the person top of the leaderboard on the hour, every hour.


Did it work?

Glisser generated the second highest number of leads at the event, so given there were around 100 exhibitors that’s pretty good going. This was driven by a combination of our stand, position, the use of Glisser on the main stage, gregarious sales team, as well as our leaderboard and many other factors.

Crucially, however, the leaderboard showed off a number of key things to those delegates that took part:

  1. The flexibility of the Glisser platform to be used outside the ‘normal’ presentation or speaker panel on-stage environment
  2. The creativity that can be harnessed through gamification and picture polling, encouraging participation and engagement
  3. GDPR-ready lead capture, since everyone of our participants consented to the capture and use of their data through the Glisser audience app

If you’d like to try to quiz, play down below. We’ll be giving our prizes every week before Christmas for the best scores.



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