Why Tech Should Be Embraced

There is a common fear from many event organisers, educators and employers that event tech can lead to a less engaged audience. However, with the growing list of events embracing event tech, many attendees expect it at events. So use it at your next event and your engagement levels will spike!

Mark Simeon, December 24, 2018

When introducing new technologies into a working environment, there can often be fears that come with it. Most prominently, educators, employees, and presenters alike are concerned that it might distract people from their work. However, embracing new technology should be celebrated not feared. It's a fantastic opportunity to come across as innovative and ahead of the curve to stakeholders whilst also boosting engagement during presentations, meetings, and lectures. 


The reality is that many people feel pressure when put in the spotlight. With 50% of the population being introverted to some degree, asking a question or answering a poll can be a daunting task. Event-tech provides a platform for those who find public speaking a challeng. Glisser's Q&A tool enables people to anonymously ask questions, alleviating the pressure of asking a question in front of everyone. In addition, live polling features not only let audiences answer polls without having to share with everyone else but also gets the entire room involved, increasing audience participation.  

Here's an example - you're at a worldwide company update with the opportunity to ask senior management questions. The majority of people would find this nerve-wracking. If you do work up the courage to ask a question, it might not be the one you really want to ask. Using Glisser's Q&A tool helps you ask the tougher questions you really want to be answered. 

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The fact is, students are always going to use mobile devices in the classroom, no matter how comfortable the professor may be with it. Even with rules against mobile devices, a majority of students use their phone in class. This also applies to the workplace as well, with 70% of all employees keeping their phone within eye shot at all times. With the inevitability of technology, it is important to utilize tech to your advantage.

Gamification is a great strategy to help implement technology in a work environment. Gamification is the use of game-like elements in business, marketing, and learning settings. Gamification has been very useful in several companies, such as Google, Deloitte, and more. When Google started implementing Gamification into their travel expense system, they achieved almost 100% employee compliance. Similarly, when Deloitte gamified training programs increased completion speed by 50% and increased overall long-term engagement. And with over 70% of all business transformation efforts failing due to lack of engagement, it is extremely important to keep employees interested and invested in the business. Gamification helps this happen, as it offers a sense of achievement upon “winning”. People generally love competing, and gamification helps foster this sense of competition to encourage employees to listen to a presentation.  

Through Glisser presentations, engagement scores are awarded based on metrics such as questions asked, polls answered correctly, and many more. You can also boost participation at events by inserting interactive quizzes throughout the day to help generate competition. The “Leaderboard” listing the top scores can then be accessed to help boost engagement with the winner receiving a prize for example. 

Interactive Quizzes

Glisser is a perfect tool to start leaning into using technology in the workplace. With features like live polling, interactive quizzes, audience Q&A, live slide sharing, and more at your fingertips, it will help audiences engage in your presentation no matter what the content is. Our digital note-taking feature can allow audiences to not feel restricted to watching a screen and write their own notes for themselves later, eliminating the need for a pen and paper completely. Not only is Glisser easy to use, but easy to implement as well. Just put the link to your presentation on the screen for audience members to engage.

If you're interested in learning more about how the next generation of audience engagement will take your events to the next level, request a demo below!

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