Announcing: Glisser x Wordly.AI

Glisser and Wordly today announced the availability of an integration between the two software applications to provide real time translation while delivering presentations in a virtual, hybrid, or live environment. 

Ryan Dornfeld, May 26, 2020

With the inclusion of the new powerful and innovative translation of Wordly.AI, the robust Glisser platform can now deliver real time translation with both audio and text in up to sixteen languages, including Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Spanish. Already an industry leader in presentation technology, the latest partnership makes it possible to connect and engage with a global audience, no matter which language you’re speaking. The technology will do the translating for you.

As the events industry continues to adjust amidst a fluctuating landscape, one thing remains constant: the necessity for connection. Previously, language was considered a barrier to universal communication. With the addition of the translation capabilities of Wordly, presenters and audiences can understand each other in an instant. 

Glisser CEO Mike Piddock said, “The rise of hybrid and virtual events means that many businesses are considering their event technology stack and looking to deploy innovative and engaging solutions to capture and retain the attention of remote audiences. Wordly’s solution is a perfect fit with Glisser’s multinational customer base, and we’re excited about being able to offer it seamlessly within our platform.”

According to Wordly CEO Lakshman Rathnam, "We are excited to be integrating Wordly’s AI based simultaneous interpretation into Glisser’s multinational platform. This integration improves audience experience by expanding inclusivity and bringing participants closer. Our partnership will extend audience reach, enhance participation, and increase engagement."

This specialty integration of the Wordly translation feature comes as a license that can be purchased per event or per annum. 

More information about Glisser, including the Wordly translation integration, is available at and


Media Contacts:

Ryan Dornfeld

Content Marketing Manager, Glisser



Kirk Hendrickson

Chief Operating Officer, Wordly

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