Mark S's First Week at Glisser

Mark Simeon - Social Media and Marketing Intern - New York Office

Mark Simeon, October 8, 2018

I was excited to start my first day as an intern at Glisser, as there is only so many times I can rewatch The Office--having gone through the full series (even the seasons without Steve Carell) twice within the last two months--until I go crazy. Excited but scared, my first day was off to a rocky start: I rushed from my least favorite class to barely make the shuttle to work as my phone was nearly dead. However, I was greeted with a warm welcome from the New York team and all the fear went away to leave nothing but excitement in me.

Mark S

Throughout the first week, I was able to shadow some of the New York team and got acquainted with the Glisser product easily. Glisser was incredibly easy to learn and fun to play with--having a background in pitch work and business development it really wasn’t hard to see the benefits of the program. In fact, this was one of the reasons why I wanted to work here: the amazing product. Within a week alone I learned so much about how the program works and how the company works. I’ve already spent a lot of time getting hands-on experience as I made my own presentations on the platform. Additionally, the area is incredible. Located in the Upper West Side, Glisser New York is right across Lincoln Center, a beautiful theatre that hosts several Broadway shows and ballets. On the other side is Central Park, which is perfect for a lunch break on a nice day. Going to Fordham University located in the Bronx, my school has a campus that is only a short walk away from the office at Lincoln Center. Fordham offers an inter-campus shuttle, aptly named the Ram Van after our school mascot making my commute to work infinitely simpler. With this combination of a beautiful area and the school I call home right nearby, it was hard to say no to working at Glisser.

Immediately I knew that this internship would be a valuable and unique experience as never have I worked for a company that embodied team spirit as well as Glisser. I love working with people, especially in fast-paced working environments. From what I’ve gathered through my interviews, the Glisser team works very closely together and enjoys working with each other. This was a huge part of my decision to work with Glisser. Additionally, I knew that I was going to be able to actually contribute to the team goals as opposed to just having busy work. Being able to contribute my own work as an intern is a luxury not many students get to have, and hopefully, within a year I’ll get to say I’m proud of the work I’ve created. Maybe I’d even be able to attend a conference or two to see the product in action and even help out on site!

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