The Event Tech Games 18 - London's Finest Sporting Event

This year's Event Tech Games was recently held close to Noodle Live's Bethnal Green office. With Glisser winning the inaugural games last year, both teams were eager to win this year's bragging rights!

Bradley Smith, August 24, 2018

13:45pm. The Central Line was thick with hot, muggy air as team Glisser made their way toward their proving grounds at Bethnal Green. This was it. This is what we had been waiting for all year. The second annual Event Tech Games. A battle between two of the finest Event Tech companies on the continent. The atmosphere was tense as team Glisser departed from our underground chariot toward Bethnal Green park. Each team member wholly focussed upon bringing home the ultimate prize - the Event Tech Games trophy. Though confident, being the reigning champions, team Glisser had it all to lose and we knew it. Defeating team Noodle a second year running would prove no easy feat….

The warm-ups began as soon as we entered the playing grounds. We were away from home in Noodle town. After sizing up the opponent and exchanging a fair amount of banterious trash talk, the initial event was set to get underway.


Game One - The Horse Shoe Throw. A game involving every team member. The rules were simple - throw the horseshoe around the pole. There were two rounds with each contender having two shots per round. Though a simple game by no means a walkover. Team Glisser snatched an early lead managing to obtain two perfect shots around the pole leaving Noodle with zero points. After a few close shots on either side - Glisser came out of game one on top.


Glisser 2 - Noodle 0.

Game two. A time old classic. The Egg and Spoon relay race. Four brave volunteers from each team stepped forward to take part, me being among them. Each team split their four members into groups of two, 8 points would be awarded for 1st place and 6 for 2nd. The sweat was dripping from my brow as I clasped the spoon off of my teammate Tom, my hands shaking as I paced along the track. One half of team Noodle were in the lead. I spied out of my peripherals a member of the Noodle team hot on my heels, a momentary lapse of concentration almost caused me to drop the egg but my grip held firm managing to finish in 2nd place with a photo finish for 3rd and 4th. Final results - Noodle 1st and 3rd, Glisser 2nd and 4th.

IMG_1520 (2)

Glisser 8 - Noodle 8. Even Stevens.

Game three - shooting hoops. Each team member had 2 shots each at shooting a hoop with the option of a close shot for 1 point, mid-range shot for 2 points or long-range shot for 3 points. Team Noodle started off with an early lead - tactically shooting from the close shot line. Staying true to our values, Team Glisser courageously shot from the mid and long range lines. Go big or go home. Though the scores were close, a couple of world class shots from our Head of Design, Simon 'Kobe' Guido, put team Glisser ahead of Noodle at the end of the game.


Glisser 20 - Noodle 17

Game Four. Space Hopper race. Similarly to game two, four fearless members from each team stepped up to the challenge. Team Noodle’s MD, Clemie, proved to be a pro on the Hopper and blew us out of the water - easily securing 1st place. It was a close 2nd for Glisser as we hopped our way into 2nd place with Noodle in 3rd and Glisser in 4th. Another even battle. The tension was palpable. Hydration was key. The prosecco popped. The lagers snapped. Semi inebriated chants rocked the explosive atmosphere. We were right at home in Bethnal Green. 


Glisser - 23 - Noodle 22

Game Five. Cereal Box cut down game. A 1v1 fierce battle of flexibility and determination in the face of extremely awkward bodily positions. Each team’s champion would have to pick up a cereal box with their teeth without using their hands. Clemie - the Noodler’s yoga master and Simon - Glisser’s malleable Italian stallion boldly stepped forward. After a couple of easy rounds, it was clear that these two human slinkies would not give up without a fight. Harder challenges were devised for the opponents: starting from teething up a leaf, then upping the difficulty to rolling paper, moving on to a bottle cap and finally a hair clip. This proved no easy feat for Simon who somehow managed to power through the burn of his strained hamstrings. Clemie, however, refused to settle for a draw. In a moment of sheer determination she decided to have a go at placing the hair clip in a mud clasped divot, 20 cm deep. Defying the odds in a somewhat disturbing spectacle, she managed to grasp the hair clip in her jaws along with a mouthful of dirt. A win for Noodle.

IMG_1582 (1)

Glisser 26 - Noodle 25

Game six. Rounders. There wasn't much in it. Noodle were batting first. The Glisser fielders and basemen were at their posts. Noodle starting well, hitting a couple of home runs worth 3 points each. However, they proved no match for Glisser's fielding prowess. Team Noodle was in hot water with a string of run outs. Glisser's turn to bat and what a round it was. The Noodles did not manage to out a single member of the Glisser team. We were well ahead in the final scores.


Glisser 48 - Noodle 36

Game seven. Relay. Involving both teams. Glisser had a 6-second head start. The relay involved a gruelling four-part obstacle course. Part one - The Space Hopper sprint. Part two - falafel and spoon race (RIP eggs). Part three - a sprint back to the start. Part four - sink your drink of choice. All parts of the course had to be completed whilst carrying a relay batton (glass bottle filled with a smoothie - environmentally friendly and healthy). Undeterred by the disadvantage Noodle faced, they tore down the first stretch building an early lead. Akin Cricket Australia's ball tampering skills, there was some discrepancy over the Noodles ability to fully consume their drinks. This led to a final challenge to be devised.


Bonus round. The Finale. A basketball hoop shootout. After much deliberation between the CEO’s Mike of Glisser and Clemie of Noodle, it was decided that each team’s finest five hoop shooters would step forward at a shot at taking home the trophy. Team Noodle went first. They scored. Now Glisser’s turn. Score! After all players had taken their shots the score was 2-2 ... deadlock. It was now down to one shot. Noodle’s best basketball star stepped up. After an almost perfectly placed shot that titillated the hoop, the ball fell short of its mark. This was it. Our chance to seal the victory. Glisser's finest salesman gallantly stepped forward. His eye focussed on the hoop. Mind cleared of any distractions from the opponents. Without hesitation, he shot for his mark. The ball glided through the air at what felt like an unimaginably slow pace as time seemed to momentarily stand still. As it connected with the backboard wide eyes glared at the spinning object. It went in. Team Glisser roared as they realised that they were once again the victors. 

Final Score - Glisser 50 - Noodle 38

Image from iOS (7)

The sportsmanship of both sides shone through afterwards with handshakes and hugs being exchanged between both Glisser and Noodle Live. Clemie awarded the trophy over to Team Glisser and condolences were shared. After a competitively fun afternoon of sports, snacks and quite a few drinks, the Event Tech Games was over. A brilliant afternoon was enjoyed by all. Bring on next year, team Noodle!


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