The Next Generation of Audience Engagement

Over the last year, we’ve been hard at work on the next generation of audience engagement tech. Glisser’s all-new audience engagement platform brings you closer to your audience than ever before!

Tom Dally, November 1, 2018

History is littered with companies that were either unwilling to adapt to improve, or unable to. Glisser is not one of those companies.

Now you may be wondering just what exactly makes the next generation of audience engagement so incredibly profound. After all, audience engagement solutions have been around since the 1960's. 

Infinitely Scalable and Limitlessly Shareable

First and foremost, the new platform is infinitely scalable and limitlessly shareable. Coupled with Glisser LIVE, our live streaming solution, your events are no longer confined by the size of your room. You could be running an event in New York whilst streaming to thousands across Europe and Asia. 


Glisser LIVE

Under the Bonnet

The powerful new analytics engine gathers insightful engagement data on your attendees. The jewel in the crown of our new analytics engine is our Glisser Engagement Score. It’s a single definitive metric by which you can analyse engagement levels at your event instantly. You can compare this at an overall event level, at individual sessions or even down to the individual attendee. All of which can be synced to your CRM through our API environment.

We’ve made the platform about as customisable as possible with over 30,000,000 unique colour combinations and customisation options. So you can brand the audience interface look like your very own.

Analyse-Meaningful-Feedback@2x (1)

 "Simplicity is complexity well done"

Simplicity is often the key to fantastic design. That’s why our interface applies Material Design. It’s the best design language for instant learning. So even though it's a brand new user interface, you'll still feel comfortable with it. Whether it’s your first time using Glisser or you’re a seasoned pro, you’ll have no issue navigating through the features.

We’re firm believers in continual improvements. As a scale-up, if you’re treading water, you’re already behind. Part of our process is listening to you as one of our most important stakeholders.

 Signed, sealed, delivered

With that in mind, we’ve bundled in some of your suggested features. This includes more polls to choose from giving you a more acute understanding of your audience because we know one poll does not fit all. We’ve also included animation support so uploading your slide deck is even simpler than before.

but wait theres more

Our free license just got a whole lot better. You can create unlimited polls and Q&A during your sessions to an unlimited amount of attendees. We understand that as event planners you often don’t have an accurate attendance figure until the eleventh hour. That’s why we’ve smashed through the attendee ceiling. You’ve got no restrictions. All you have to do is create an account, build your polls, then hit present. 


We’re launching the revolutionary next generation of event tech at Event Tech Live at the Old Truman Brewery in London on the 7-8th November, so those of you attending will have the opportunity to experience it for yourself.


If you're interested in learning more about how the next generation of audience engagement will take your events to the next level, request a demo below!


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