Make Your Sessions Feel Like Your Own

With up to 25% of marketing budgets going towards events, you need to ensure you use a platform that is flexible, feels like your own and one that your audience is comfortable with.

Glisser, October 8, 2019

Google Material Design for immediate delegate familiarity

Regardless of how good the underlying product is, it’s the design that the user interacts with. The design can either enable the user get the most out of the product, or if designed badly it can even become a barrier to using it properly. Whilst every product wants to stand out in the marketplace, it’s sometimes this overwhelming desire to be unique that can actually be its downfall.


Our user interface is based on Google’s Material Design.

Without even realising, you will almost certainly have used Material Design and be instinctively familiar with it. Do you use YouTube, Google Search, Google Drive, or even the Android operating system? If so you’ll immediately feel at home on our new platform. For a presenter it’s important, but for an audience member it’s vital, we’ve got a matter of seconds to convince them before they put their phone away and give up. So rather than develop our own, unique visual language it made sense to make the Glisser web-app feel like any other app on your device.

  • As a user, this feels more intuitive, natural, and easy to pick up.
  • As an organiser, this means your audience adoption rates are higher, giving you a more meaningful, actionable data set. 


Significantly more customisation options

Make Glisser look like your own app. 

When you’ve spent a decent amount of your budget creating a beautiful event theme, you’ll want your technology to look the part too.

With over 30,000,000 unique colour combinations and customisation options, the beautifully branded audience interface will truly feel like your own. 

At the heart of the Glisser solution are your presentation slides, so sharing these with audiences means a lot of your branding work is done automatically. However, for extra impact Enterprise account users can add their logo and select the best accent colour for your company theme. In just a few clicks, Glisser looks like your own event app.

You don’t have to use your own logo and colours in Glisser. Instead, turn our technology into a revenue generating opportunity for your business by selling an app sponsorship option. With your sponsor’s logo and colour scheme appearing in the audience app, and on the big screen during every Q&A and polling session, plus the Twitter Wall, they’re getting a lot of eyeballs on their brand throughout the day.

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Update v1.0.321 brings Renaming Tabs, Q&A Pagination, and several bug fixes.

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