The Top 10 PowerPoint Alternatives for 2020

PowerPoint was first rolled out by Microsoft in 1987. Since then, they’ve added a raft of features with subsequent versions. It’s been the undisputed presentation king over the past three decades and rightly so - it was one of the first mainstream presentation tools. It revolutionized events, education and training, and everything in between. However, there’s now a plethora of new and exciting alternatives that enable even novice users to create highly visual, engaging and customized presentations.

Ryan Dornfeld, January 23, 2020

We’re back with an updated top 10 PowerPoint alternatives for 2020!

Here are our recommendations:

#10 Prezi

Prezi is one of the most well known presentation tools, and for good reason. It’s pan and zoom function makes it instantly recognizable and helps you emphasize key points. They push the concept of "design made simple," and it is intuitive to navigate. The final product looks professional and will create impactful and lasting impressions with your audiences.

However, as with most presenting tools, there are a couple drawbacks. Prezi at times may be overly simple and while it looks pretty, it may not have all the audience engagement and data capture features a seasoned presenter may require.


#9 Keynote

Keynote is essentially the Apple version of PowerPoint. True to most Apple products, it looks fantastic and creates streamlined, sleek decks. The design element is definitely at the forefront of both the software and your presentations. It’s a great PowerPoint alternative.

The cloud version which can be accessed by any browser is handy for last minute alterations.

Keynote’s major issue is that if you’re accustomed to using PowerPoint, it will take time to get used to the navigation and use of the tools.

Files can be exported as either PDF and PPTX so you can build your presentation in Keynote, then present via Glisser

#8 Powtoon

With Powtoon, you can create fun animated illustrations for your presentation, as well as your website via a simple embedding process. 

However, the presentations are a bit cartoon-y (hence Powtoon) and not suited for most professional presentations. Additionally, most of their "presentation style" features require an upgraded account. 

#7 Google Slides

 Google Slides is a PowerPoint alternative centered around accessibility. Whether you’re constantly on the go or work collaboratively with a team, Google Slides is an awesome alternative. It also has many integration options.

As a web-based solution, the drawback of accessibility and collaboration is you do require an internet connection to access content and make changes. It also does have a limited amount of features and fonts, so it does at times feel like a stripped down version of PowerPoint.

#6 ClearSlide

ClearSlide evolved into a more robust platform since acquiring and assimilating SlideRocket. ClearSlide is more focused on sales analytics than it is in the slide presentation itself, so while it may provide value for those wanting to improve sales engagement, it's not very clean or intuitive. In addition to the steep learning curve, ClearSlide charges per-user and can run a bit pricey.

#5 SlideBean

Whether you're working for a startup with no designer, or are pushed for time and want to simply focus on the content, SlideBean can be used in place of PowerPoint.

All users have to do is upload their content and Visme will automatically convert formats into beautifully designed slides. The result is a professional looking presentation produced in a short space of time.

The final result can be exported as a PDF or PPTX file, so you can upload your professional looking slides to Glisser and take advantage of the audience participation features.

After the free trial, SlideBean offers service starting at $8 or $12 per month (depending on the billing cycle). It also has a limited level of customization which can be challenging if you're looking to create striking slide decks.

#4 Canva

Canva focuses on simplicity. It’s a fantastic PowerPoint alternative for those who are new to creating presentations. It’s as simple as signing up (for free) and picking a template. Then you’re ready to start customising the pre-built designs. This ease of use will be music to your ears if you’re constantly negotiating deadlines. You’ll be able to create a fantastic looking presentation, quickly and with minimal hassle.

There are a couple of drawbacks, however. If you’re a perfectionist and prefer a high degree of customisation in your presentations, Canva can be time-consuming and frustrating.

Canva does have a collaboration tool which is handy if you’re working as a team. Whilst you can't import PPT files into Canva, you can save slide decks in PDF or PPTX format. You can create beautiful slides quickly, then upload them into Glisser to create engaging and stunning presentations.

#3 Visme

Visme successfully manages to provide a simple to navigate user interface, whilst still providing over 6,000 icons and charts to customize your slide deck. If you’re looking for a PowerPoint alternative with an easy to use drag and drop functionality, helping you create fantastic visual data and infographics into your slide deck, then it's a great option.

Visme is cloud-based, and auto-generates a URL - making it easier for teams to collaborate without the need to upload the content to the cloud.

The downside of Visme is the lack of storage. Users with a high level of files and images can be stretched for storage at times, having to store them locally instead.

#2  Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck has been described as the “Instagram for pitch decks” by Mashable. It’s perfect for those that don't have much experience in creating presentations or have access to a designer. It focuses on the best practices that presentation experts adhere too. Therefore it helps you to focus on a single idea at a time, it helps you decide on a powerful image from a vast library, and then applies consistent formatting across your presentation. The end result is a well designed, professional presentation without the need for a designer. This can be exported as a PPTX format and uploaded to your Glisser dashboard.

That being said, as with most software there are a couple drawbacks. By focusing on best practices, users can something find themselves frustrated by not being able to fully customise their presentations. There is also no free version, with prices starting at $7.99 per month.

#1  Glisser

Who didn't see this one coming? Yes, the one you've been waiting for– we believe that when it comes to PowerPoint alternatives, Glisser is the best product on the market, and it just keeps getting better. In the last calendar year, we’ve released the next generation of our audience engagement platform, become ISO 27001 certified, won the Tech Competition at Expo! Expo! 2019 in Las Vegas, and released our virtual and hybrid event tool, Glisser LIVE.

Glisser is THE audience engagement platform. Import slides in either PPT/PPTX or PDF format, share presentation slides to delegates’ devices in real-time, control all of your presentations in one place, and analyze the data from your event.

By blending audience interaction – Q&A, polling, social feeds, private notes – the presentee experience is tremendously magnified. Content is shared via a unique URL, so you can completely skip the barrier of having to download an app. Glisser also provides powerful and insightful analytics, helping you to shape future content!

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